Libya Cease-Fire Not Stopping Gaddafi

Despite the announcement of a Libyan cease-fire in effect across the nation, ousted Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi continued campaigns against rebel forces. Gaddafi's loyal soldiers bombarded the rebel-held city of Misrata on Friday with tanks and heavy artillery, killing at least 25 people, residents said. more

Collective Bargaining Law Blocked from Being Enforced in Wisconsin

The collective bargaining law pushed through by Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, has been blocked. A Wisconsin state judge Friday temporarily blocked Walker from enforcing the law which would limit the collective bargaining rights for public employees. more

Salt Panic! China Goes Crazy as People Hoard Iodized Salt

Salt panic has set in for the Chinese people. Scared of the radiation risks stemming from the Japanese crisis, the chinese people are literally running to the stores to load up on iodized salt. The only trouble is - the eating of iodized salt will have no effect at all in preventing radiation poisoning. more

Barack H. Obama Elementary School to Close This Summer

Barack H. Obama Elementary School will be forced to close its doors this summer. The school located in Asbury Park, New Jersey was renamed just one year ago in honor of the President. more

Bahrain Violence Prompts Oil Firm to Remove Workers

Bahrain conflicts are beginning to impact large oil businesses on the island nation. Foreign non-essential workers were pulled out of Bahrain to the United Arab Emirates amid political violence in the country, said oil trader Vitol. more

Meltdown Fears Have Europe Looking Beyond Nuclear

Meltdown concerns and the developing nuclear crisis in Japan could put alternative energy sources like offshore wind in the spotlight, the European climate change commissioner said. more

Chile & South America Trip for Economic Purposes, Says Obama

Chile, Brazil and El Salvador are all destinations for President Obama who will travel to South America later tonight to visit with leaders and discuss jobs and economic situations. Latin America has 600 million people, is growing and needs "goods and services that, as president, I want to see made in the United States," Barack Obama says. more

Tokyo Flights Now Being Tested for Radiation

Tokyo airports are filled with passengers looking to get out of the city, and the U.S. is not taking the matter lightly. U.S. officials say traces of radiation were found on United and American airlines jets that arrived at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport from Tokyo. more

Space Junk Laser Helps NASA Zap Intergalatic Garbage

NASA announced this week that it would launch a space junk laser to stop the growing clouds of space debris surrounding the Earth from endangering future spaceflight crews. The debris clouds will only get worse as the fragments collide and split apart so NASA has created a laser that will nudge the larger debris off collision course. more

Federal Reserve Eases Restrictions Against Bank Dividends

The U.S. Federal Reserve had imposed restrictions on dividends in 2008 to allow banks to increase their capital cushions against an economic downturn. On Friday, the central bank was expected to allow the nation's largest banks to increase dividends to up to 30 percent of expected earnings for 2011, the Times said. more

Newt Gingrich Says President Obama is "Spectator in Chief"

Newt Gingrich has taken time away from mulling his presidential run to take shots at President Obama. Gingrich fired at Obama, calling him a "spectator in chief" while accusing him of being passive in the face of crises in Japan and Libya. more

Yemen: State of Emergency Declared

Yemen's President, Ali Abdullah Saleh declared a state of emergency Friday as government troops used deadly force on protesters in Sanaa. At least 40 people were killed in the capital, PressTV, the Iranian government broadcaster, reported. Hundreds of people calling for Saleh's resignation were reported injured. more

Largest Gold Nugget In World Sold At Auction

Ever since the gold rush era, California has been known as the Golden State. The west coast got a little more golden this week as the largest golden nugget in the known world went to auction in Sacramento Wednesday night. more

Libya Cease Fire Declared by Gadhafi

The Libyan government Friday declared an immediate cease-fire against anti-government protesters, the country's Foreign Ministry announced. more

Currency Markets & Japanese Yen Stabilized by G7 Intervention

Currency markets have earned the attention of the G7, who were forced into action over the volatility surrounding the Japanese Yen. more

Emu Eggs Stolen From Alabama Zoo

Alabama zoo officials are taking precautions to prevent recent thefts of emu eggs. more

Barry Bonds Legal Arguments Begin Before Trial

Barry Bonds will go on trial beginning on Monday when a jury is selected for his perjury case. Despite the fact that the trial has not even begun though, arguments are already being made in the case from both sides of the case to be heard. more

Sarah Palin World Tour Stops In India, Israel

Sarah Palin continues stoking the flames of speculation around her possible bid for the White House this weekend as she heads to India and Israel on her first overseas trip this year. more

Libya Plans to Release New York Times Journalists

Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif Gadhafi, said four New York Times journalists missing for three days would be released later on Friday. The four had been captured by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi, the Times reported. more

School Bus Driver Arrested For Texting While Driving

police in Trumbull, CT arrested 47-year-old Evelyn Guzman after an on-board surveillance video caught her sending text messages while behind the wheel. Guzman turned herself in Wednesday. Police believe that, between April 6, 2010 and May 15, 2010, Guzman sent and received 1,068 text messages while driving the bus full of school children. more

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