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Lindsay Lohan Necklace Case Has Actress Rolling the Dice
David Hope
Mar 10, 2011, 06:11

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Lindsay Lohan and her necklace fiasco are landing the actress in a more precarious place than we ever could have thought. Normally, actors aren't our focus here on Online Journal. However, when an actor like Charlie Sheen or actress like Lindsay Lohan continue down a path of ruining their lives - it is tough to ignore.

Sources said this week that Lindsay Lohan would rather roll the dice in a Los Angeles court than accept a plea bargain that includes jail time, sources told

Lohan faces a potential state prison term if convicted of trying to steal a necklace from a jewelry story; however, the entertainment news Web site reported Saturday she has not been 100 percent supportive of an attempt by her attorney to broker a deal.

Sources told TMZ a plea bargain would likely include three to six months in a Los Angeles County jail. While that would be far easier than doing a longer stretch of state time, Lohan apparently is adamant she will not agree to any deal that includes a jail cell.

Sources said Lohan is confident store surveillance video of the incident will clear her.

Attorney Shawn Holley and the prosecution meet with the judge in the case next week and will presumably get a better idea of what the court will go along with, TMZ said.

Source: UPI

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