Emu Eggs Stolen From Alabama Zoo

Mar 18, 2011, 10:48 by John Steele

Alabama zoo officials are taking precautions to prevent recent thefts of emu eggs.

Mobile zoologists say at least two or three of the big, emerald-green eggs have recently been taken, apparently by people coming over the fence into an area where the giant birds are incubating their future offspring in ground nests. Officials believe the eggs are being stolen during regular business hours.

Along with the obvious question of who is behind the thefts is the possibly more vexing question: why?

Mobile Zoo curator Lacey Clark told AL.com that the embryo would likely die almost immediately after being removed from its natural habitat. The way the fence is bent rules out the possibility of an animal intruder.

So far, the thefts have not been reported to police. But Clark says she will be keeping a much closer eye on the emu enclosure from now on.

Source: AL.com