Salt Panic! China Goes Crazy as People Hoard Iodized Salt

Mar 18, 2011, 13:49

Salt panic has set in for the Chinese people. Scared of the radiation risks stemming from the Japanese crisis, the chinese people are literally running to the stores to load up on iodized salt.

The only trouble is - the eating of iodized salt will have no effect at all in preventing radiation poisoning.

Way Kuo, a renowned nuclear expert weighed in on the situation. Kuo said, �the current level (of nuclear radiation) in Tokyo is even weaker than the X-ray we take in hospital, so there�s no need to eat iodized salt even if you are in Tokyo.�

The rush to buy up salt hasn't just driven people to the edge. The prices for salt have sent government groups scrambling in China to help reel the economy back in and prevent price hikes.

The Chinese Government has begun to take action against those looking to cash in on the situation. In addition to having their economic board step in for regulation, punishments have been handed down.

Some retailers have been fined or had damages levied against them for selling salt at nearly 10 times their normal prices.