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NCAA Tournament Arrives to Distract Workers Everywhere
David Hope
Mar 14, 2011, 07:18

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NCAA Tournament fans are pleased with the famous "March Madness" drama ready to unfold later this week. In work offices everywhere, employees are printing out brackets and setting up office pools - all in an attempt to have more fun with the annual event.

Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Duke Sunday were awarded the top seeds for the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

The Buckeyes, Jayhawks and Blue Devils each won their conference tournaments this weekend and the Panthers were the regular-season champion in the Big East.

The top overall seed in the expanded 68-team field went to Ohio State, which reigned as both the regular-season and post-season tournament champion of the Big Ten.

NCAA officials revealed the first round will start Tuesday with two play-in games among No. 16 seeds, while Wednesday will see a pair of games between the last four at-large teams picked by the selection committee.

Source: UPI

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