Pippa Middleton Offers coming in after royal wedding

May 11, 2011, 08:04 by R.E. Christian

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Prince William's new bride Catherine, is reportedly overwhelmed by all of the attention she is receiving after the royal wedding, including all of the business offers.

The maid-of-honor stole the show at her big sister's wedding with her eye-catching gown, which has pushed her into international stardom.

Pippa is said to be receiving all sorts of endorsement deals and speaking engagements -- along with a disturbing $5 million offer from a U.S. porn producer to star in one of his company's videos.

An insider told the Chicago Sun-Times that Pippa would obviously never pose nude for anything, or "knowingly do anything to embarrass her sister or Prince William."

She is reportedly on the hunt for a PR firm to deal with her newfound celebrity status, as she is rumored to be near an engagement with long-time boyfriend and ex-professional cricket player Alexander Guy Rushworth Loudon.  

Alexander is said to be good friends with Prince William, who he met at Eton, the exclusive London secondary school near Windsor Castle.