Glenn Beck: Political Figure, Religious Zealot, or Entertainer?

Mar 25, 2011, 09:52 by David Hope

Glenn Beck commands news and media attention, and public support for Beck continues to increase despite rumors that he may be leaving his post at Fox News. Often being attacked by liberal media outlets, Beck's supporters come out in droves.

But who exactly are they supporting?

- Is Glenn Beck a republican politician, waiting in the wings for an opportunity to hold a public office?

- Is Glenn Beck a religious figure aligned to the right side of the political spectrum?

- Or, is Glenn Beck simply an entertainer?

Support, Like Criticism, is Always Abundant

While many may support or argue any of the above - others will claim that all three labels may well fit the man behind the name.

Despite criticisms, Beck continues on with strong support. Just this week alone, we've seen a number of comments that we feel illustrates the support for Beck.

Commenting on Beck's possible cable network, "J. Mae" said, "I love, love, love Glenn Beck! He is honest and he exposes a lot of real dirt bags! He also presents the facts, see....just the facts. This will be a very, very good thing."

That comment received 63 supporting "likes" - indicating that J. Mae is not alone.

Still, Beck's frequency to highlight socialism, Nazis and relate things to a WWII Jewish Death Camp slant irks many. As "Linepec86" said here on OnlineJournal, Beck is falling in line next to other Fox News personalities, "Glenn Beck is constantly lying like most of the trash at FOX and even when caught with proof they will still lie. Megan Kelly, Sean Hannity and Beck along with O'Reilly are really crazy."

What Do You Think About Beck?
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