Pregnancy Journal How To

A Pregnancy Journal is a perfect tool for the expectant mother. It helps you express your feelings, alleviates overwhelm, and tracks the many changes you are experience. In a time when so many things are new, even your emotions and mommy-brain moments, a journal can help you feel more in control. When you review your journaled entries, you can get an understanding of many changes during your gestation.

Why Keep a Pregnancy Journal?

A Pregnancy Journal is useful in so many ways.

  • It ensures that you can provide actual, detailed information to your doctor about any changes or symptoms you might experience.
  • It helps you remember things, because pregnancy hormones contribute to being forgetful, but the simple act of writing something down makes it embedded in your mind.
  • You get to document all the special moments of this time in your life. It is a keepsake you can cherish for years to come.

Pregnancy Journal Tips

  • Use your Pregnancy Journal to track daily changes in your body, and the movement of your baby. Note anything in your environment that may have been different.
  • Track the food you eat to ensure that you have a balanced diet and don't gain too much weight.
  • Record any food cravings you experience.
  • Track how much and what type of exercise you do.
  • Write about your feelings, especially when you are overly emotional. This provides a catharsis, so you will carry less stress throughout your pregnancy.
  • Keep a list of your favorite baby names.
  • Add photos to your journal. Take pictures of nursery décor that appeal, include your ultrasound images, and take belly selfies.
  • Track your basal temperature during the first three months of your pregnancy.
  • Use category tags on all your journal entries so they can be easily searched.
  • Start Today

    A Pregnancy Journal helps you to be even more aware of the many changes that are going on during your pregnancy. It lets you create your own private health notes that you can access and update from anywhere. And you never have to worry about losing them, as they can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    Start with and begin the pregnancy journal that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

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