Learning About Writing Journal Entries

Are you curious about a place where you can express all of your feelings without judgment? Have you always wanted to find a place where you can freely talk about your ideas, feelings, and thoughts? Being able to express ourselves is a right that everyone should have. Writing down what you are feeling is what journaling is all about. A journal is a place that is all about you and what you are feeling and experiencing at that very moment. When you have thoughts that are rolling around in your head, writing them down allows you to put them in words that often make more sense.

It's completely up to you how long or how short you wish your entry to be. You don't have to hold back on your feelings when you are expressing yourself in words, as this is a place that won't judge you. A journal provides you with a place to tell a story or jot down random thoughts or anything else you want to do. You never have to just pick up the story from where you left it unless that is what you wish to do.

Understanding Journal Entries

A journal entry is what you write down when you wish to get something off of your mind. These are entries of anything you are feeling at the moment, such as your day, interests, opinions, or expressions of personal growth. For most people, journal entries range in the 500 to 1000 word category. Each entry is usually about something different. A journal is always a private place for a person to share their innermost thoughts. That way, you can always be completely honest without fear of backlash or judgment.

Everyone needs a place where they can freely express themselves. A journal can be just the place.

Check Out Our 8 Tips for Writing in a Journal

Not everyone is a natural writer. For some people, words just flow freely and easily for them. Others have problems getting started, but that is okay. A journal entry doesn't have to be difficult. They can be in many forms, such as a dream journal or a bible journal entry. If you are still worried about how to start your own journal, consider the following ideas. They can get you started on the road to journaling.

1.Write Your Own Dialogue

Pretend that you are having a conversation with someone else, or that other people are having a conversation together. Now, write down the imaginary conversation in your journal. This trick is great if you are worried about a discussion you need to have with someone or you are thinking about one that already happened. Just write down what you think the other person is saying as it comes to you. Don't be afraid to let the words flow. Even if they are words you wouldn't say out loud but would like to, write them down.

2.Write Out a Letter to Someone

This is one of the easier tips, as most of us have had to write a letter to someone at one point or another. Has someone upset you or made you mad? Start the journal entry with the name of the person you are thinking about; for example, your best friend. Write down everything that you would like to say to them in real life. The best part of this exercise in writing is that it allows you to get everything off of your chest that you were too afraid to say to the person's face. You can write a letter to a single person that you have been thinking about or to a group. It's a very healthy way to unburden yourself when you are upset about something and to let go of the stress you are feeling.

3.Set a Five-Minute Timer to Write

This is a good exercise for anyone who is afraid they won't have much time to write. Take your phone and set a five-minute alarm for yourself. Then, start writing. You will want to just let loose and put down whatever happens to come to your mind. This exercise allows you to think on your feet and stay focused on the task at hand. Everyone can find a simple five minutes a day to write. You don't have to even write about anything meaningful unless you want to. Just let whatever thoughts are on your mind right then to fly. We bet that those five minutes will be up in no time.

4.Incorporate a Picture

You can also add pictures to your journal entries with Online Journal. If you get writer's block and don't know what you wish to write, find a picture that you love and add it to that entry. Simply write down what that picture means to you at the moment. Any picture will do for this exercise, such as a picture of someone you love, a place that you enjoy visiting, or even just one of your pets. Let this particular picture inspire your words.

5.Write Your Own Poem

Did you ever have to write a poem when you were in school? Now is the time to write another one in your journal. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be good, and it doesn't have to rhyme. You are simply trying to put your thoughts together into the style of a poem. Consider a certain person in your life and write down how you feel about them. Consider a time and place in your life that has been weighing on you and let the poem come out. Your goal is to put your emotions down in writing.

6.Describe a Person

Think about a stranger or someone you know very well. Write in your journal about that particular person. It can be all about them and their life and personality, or you can even let your imagination go and create a fictional story about them. Write down what you think that person likes or wants. Create your own character in your mind and get those feelings down in words.

7.Make a List

If you are still having trouble getting started, consider writing a list. We have all made a list at one point or another in life, whether it was a shopping list or to-do list. Write down a to-do list of all of the goals you have for the upcoming year. Make a list of the people you wish to see or contact. You may even make a list of the ideas you plan to write about in the future. Consider it a brainstorming session for upcoming journal entries.

8.Write Down a Memory You Have

Think about a memory that you enjoy. It doesn't have to be a major life event if you don't wish it to be. Maybe someone was kind to you in line to get coffee, or you had a good day at work that you wish would happen again. Simply describe the memory and write down what it meant to you. Was it a good one or a bad one? Who was there? Would you like for it to happen again? Describe it for yourself in descriptive words.

Get started on your journaling by downloading Online Journal. This free platform will give you the privacy and security that you are looking for to write. Your posts will be automatically saved with the date when you open up the program, so you can simply start getting your feelings out right away. We hope you can use this list and get started with a new journal today!

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