Dream Journal

How to Keep a Dream Journal

Dreams are valuable insights into the subconscious. Such is the reason why it is important to write down images and scenes from fantasies in print or online dream journal. Here are three of the best ways to keep fantasy entries.

  1. Pick a notebook and location that encourages productivity

    You do not need a fancy notebook that costs a lot of money, but you do need a journal that attracts you to it every day. A spiral notebook usually works fine if you keep the journal on your nightstand. Keeping an online journal may be the best solution when you wake up in the middle of the night with visions from the subconscious. You can easily grab your smartphone or tablet and write what you remember.

  2. Be consistent with your format

    Signing and dating your entries is the best way to be consistent with your journal. Such uniformity lets you identify patterns in your fantasies quicker. Could your subconscious be trying to tell a story? Undeviating practices in your entries can help you find the narrative.

  3. Always write in present tense

    You may have seen a rainbow in your subconscious, but such event has not occurred in real life. Getting a gaze into the future is one of the many dream journal benefits. You should take full advantage of this incentive by putting the events into their present-tense perspectives.

  4. Having a dream journal is an excellent way for writers to get their creative wheels turning. A fantasy journal is the one time that you can ignore all grammatical rules and simply write. Get your personalized notebook today and start bringing your fantasies into real time.

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