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Commentary Last Updated: Jan 29th, 2010 - 00:33:24

What is the purpose of the London Conference on Afghanistan?
By Peter Chamberlin
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jan 29, 2010, 00:20

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All the players in the world claim that they want to get it right in Afghanistan, so that the Afghan people might be freed from the burdens of the 30-year war, which keeps them in the Stone Age. The problem with Afghanistan is that everyone invokes false piety, claiming concerns for the well-being of the Afghan people, while promoting war as the solution to their problems. We head into an international conference looking for these answers through the prism of the same old lies.

Afghanistan will never have a chance as long as everyone keeps treating it as an international arena in which to fight out all their problems. As long as Americans treat it as a staging area to launch expeditionary resource wars from, and as long as Pakistan and India are allowed to continue using Afghan men to fight their proxy war, then there will be no peace in the world and no rest for the war-weary Afghans. Neither peace for the world, nor peace for Afghanistan is truly being considered in London.

The London conference is NOT a �peace conference,� it is a search for an easier and less expensive American war. Just as millions of American jobs were �outsourced� to India, to save American corporations labor costs, the military job of cleaning-up Afghanistan and guarding sub-contractors (who will partially rebuild there, as they build roads and pipelines of Western commerce) will be outsourced to Indian troops. American plans for India are being hampered by Indian/Pakistani conflict, which is the only reason for the �peace� overtures being made to them by American diplomats.

It is the height of hypocrisy to claim that we are looking for �solutions� to the Afghan dilemma, but we are really only looking for solutions that give Americans and Westerners a way out, without first ending the two proxy wars that we have begun there, or making amends for the damage that we have done. American forces cannot be allowed to abandon either Afghanistan or Iraq until they have first rebuilt those two countries.

The grave injustice of Afghanistan is NOT that the United States is losing its war there against our former allies, but that the world allows us to come and go there at will, decimating the place each time, before we abandon the survivors to the misery of rebuilding with no help. The only way that the London conference can possibly help the Afghan people is if it becomes a forum on American actions in Afghanistan.

The list of America�s Afghan war crimes did not begin with the so-called war on terror; it began decades ago. Beginning with Carter and Brzezinski�s order to arm the tribes and thereby create a Russian �Vietnam.� Thousands of bombs and bullets later, compounded by the American abandonment in 1990, our crimes against the Afghan people are beyond measurement.

Even after abandoning the Afghans to their misery, we pushed Pakistan to multiply the misery exponentially, by creating the Taliban and innumerable sectarian terror outfits to fight new wars for us against Afghanistan�s neighbors. Delusional American �patriots� who continue to scream for Muslim blood are blind to the origins of �Islamist� terror and exactly who is the state sponsor of all of this terror.

The only �solution� on the London table for Afghanistan must be to end all of the state-sponsored terrorism that grows and emanates from Afghan soil. The real �enemies� of freedom involved in the war along the Durand Line, the Taliban, the �Pakistani Taliban� and �al Qaida,� are all sponsored by various state intelligence agencies, none of which is part of the so-called �axis of terror� invented by Bush and Cheney. The Taliban belong to Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban belong to India/Israel/US/Britain/Russia. The alleged �umbrella� group, �al Qaida,� is CIA/Mossad. Pull the plug on all of these groups and the war is over.

The only legitimate purpose for having the London conference would be to negotiate an end to all of these synthetic, government-created insurgencies. If all of the aforementioned state sponsors of this terror cannot agree in principle to end these secret dirty wars as the only legitimate pre-condition for negotiations, then there should be no conference. If the single purpose of the conference is to end the secret wars being fought to the death in and from Afghanistan, then Afghans might stand a real chance of getting to know what peace is.

Peace in Afghanistan is the only way to peace in the world.

Peter Chamberlin may be contacted at

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