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Commentary Last Updated: Apr 21st, 2009 - 00:50:42

Obama calls on U.N. to punish North Korea over rocket, but who punishes the U.S.?
By Jay Janson
Online Journal Guest Writer

Apr 21, 2009, 00:13

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Obama has called for the United Nations to punish North Korea for its rocket launch. Has North Korea not been punished enough? New and greater sanctions are called for by Obama. When is the U.S. ever punished for its transgressions against humanity?

Obama said the invasion of Iraq was �dumb.� Who punishes the U.S. for the nearly one million Iranians dead and a greater number maimed?

Who punishes the U.S. for 5 million deaths in the invasion and the effects of the carpet bombings of the colonial populations of French Indochina?

North Korea was bombed to rubble by the U.S. which also leveled almost every town in South Korea to prevent the overthrow of the U.S. sponsored Rhee dictatorship (Rhee was forced to flee the country a few years after the war anyway). The war had been over, the North having won easily except for the final city of Pusan when the U.S. invaded subsequently punishing Korea with millions of casualties. The U.S. can never punished.*

Not many years ago, the president of a civilian government in South Korea apologized to its people for the massacres that happened there even years after the U.S. �police action� was over. (War was never declared by Congress on North Korea.)

The Clinton administration expressed regret to Koreans for the massacres of civilians by U.S. troops, which South Koreans were finally permitted to talk about. President Grant bitterly condemned the war against Mexico in which the U.S. took nearly half of that country. No question of punishment in these cases, it was a long time ago.

But when will the CIA ever be punished, let alone the fine presidents that ordered covert assassinations, overthrows and destabilization of dozens of elected governments, against international law, our constitution and human decency?

Obama�s calls missile development by Iran a threat to its neighbors but the U.S. used Saddam Hussein to invade Iran, causing more than a million casualties. And Israel and the U.S. continue to publicly announce either might bomb Iran for developing nuclear energy.

Decades ago, the CIA overthrew Iranian democracy to put a king (Shah) in power. Who has been not just a threat, but a homicidal enemy, to whom? Iran to the U.S.? Or the U.S. to Iran?

Jimmy Carter will not be punished by the UN for having the CIA fund, arm and train the fundamentalist hill tribes against the Socialist government in Kabul, in the summer of 1979, in order to frighten the Soviets in Afghanistan to support that women emancipating government in December. Carter funded Islamic terror to sucker the USSR into defending Kabul, leading to 30 years of death and destruction. Brzezinski had Carter fund Islamic warlords murdering teachers for teaching girls, but it is conglomerate owned media that decides who deserves punishment.

One could go on and on to try to counter the commercial media feeding frenzy on this missile launch by North Korea while using this opportunity to whip up fear of Iran at the same time.

The conglomerate owned media monolithic cartel under the guidance of the military industrial complex is unbeatable with its overkill power to deceive and promote war.

Obama has implied threats by using harsh words for North Korea, as earlier Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela and Iran, which received a kind invite to talk, mixed in with such severe public criticism as to make the invitation unacceptable.

The Korean rocket launch provides the excuse for yet a new belligerent attitude, another example of no change from a candidate who promised a diplomatic style of leadership.

The imperialist demand has always been that the U.S. shall be allowed to have tens of thousands of nuclear weapons of all shape and sizes to threaten other nations, as they have 12 times in the past -- see Nuclear Threats and the New World Order by eminent physicist Michio Kaku, a close colleague of Stephan Hawking. Kako also co-authored To Win a Nuclear War: The Pentagon�s Secret Plans.

So far, Barak Obama, both as president and as commander in chief, speaks as a solid spokesman for this corporate governance of past and present mayhem against all humanity that does not bow to the empire, as the G20 just did in agreeing to cooperate in trying to save discredited private capitalism.

* When the International Court of Justice found the U.S. guilty of warring against tiny Nicaragua, it was a joke for Washington and no reparations were paid.

Jay Janson is a musician and writer, who has lived and worked on all the continents and whose articles on media have been published in China, Italy, England and the US, and now resides in New York City.

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