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Commentary Last Updated: Mar 6th, 2009 - 01:59:35

Bush�s karma, Obama�s change?
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Mar 6, 2009, 00:24

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Wiki tell us, �Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one�s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others. The results or �fruits� of actions are called karma-phala. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one�s present life and all past and future lives as well.� Well, we can all see the fruits of Bush karma, the karma-phala, all around us.

They include a wrecked economy, with debt at an all-time high and the Dow at a 1997 low. Thanks to two preemptive wars that were on the Bush drawing boards before 9/11 ever hit and became that false-flag attack on America to ignite the wars. The lack of responsibility in starting those wars, including lack of real evidence, like the photographs of the so-called terror hijackers that mystically appeared out of the FBI files in 48 hours, when that same bureau and the CIA had been burying reports of a 9/11 attack for years. Also, that a year later, FBI chief Robert Mueller, claimed he could not be absolutely sure the men in the photographs were really the hijackers. By then, we were in Afghanistan.

What�s more, the brutal cruelty behind 9/11 and �The Inside Job� destruction and subsequent paranoia it brought to the world will take generations to live down and understand, despite all the light scholars, architects, scientists and writers have shed on the reasons and manner in which the tragedy was perpetrated, like a second Pearl Harbor.

In the latter, FDR did not transmit to Kimmel and Short, the military commanders of Pearl Harbor, the information he had of the Japanese fleet gathering in the Pacific and heading towards Pearl to bomb it on December 7, 1941. It was this event that took a peace-desiring America back into World War, though Roosevelt had sounder reasons for doing this than Bush�s thirst for oil and world power. Roosevelt faced the very real spread of Hitler and Nazism, which had already engulfed Europe. Yet this second Pearl Harbor, 9/11, is the karma of the first, and as devastatingly successful on our own soil once again.

As a result, in 2003 we were shocking and awing Iraq on the basis that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and the mushroom cloud would be appearing on the horizon at any moment, and also that he has been dealing with Bin Laden and terrorists in some way, both of which were proved to be patently false notions. Bin Laden was a religious fundamentalist and Hussein a secular leader, with little love for bin Laden. Yet the lies were iterated by administration chiefs, from Bush on down to Cheney, Condi, Colin, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, et al, some 900 times.

And now we have inherited the karma of those actions, the dead, the wounded, the corrupt contracts for para-military suppliers, mercenaries like Blackwater, Kellogg, Brown & Root and many others. We have neglected to provide our soldiers with proper medical and psychological care to save money, when they were prepared to give their lives.

At home, we have the revelations that our bankers, mortgage companies, and stock market have been bringing down our financial system like those WTC buildings, especially so since the invention of toxic weapons of financial destruction, derivatives, credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations, the demise of the �uptick rule,� short-selling, uncontrolled greed, usury and theft. Karma or as they said in the 60s, what goes around comes around.

For America historically, what�s gone around since the near-extermination of the native Americans is the possibility of our own extermination, given the proliferation of nuclear weapons, their storehouses in America, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan, China and various �rogue� nations who are just dying to kill, us and everyone else. And, as we rail about handguns, guns on the street, guns in the hands of children, adolescents, minorities, we seem to forget about guns in the hands of our armies and how deadly effective they have been. The Iraq war has claimed a million Iraqi lives, and 4,000 of ours. What goes around comes around, karma.

Afghanistan is being reheated by President Obama and only god knows what those numbers will end up being, if there is a god and it hasn�t divorced itself from the human species altogether. Given the planet�s creation as per the Big Bang theory, we may be very well turning the corner on the planet�s Big Bang bye, bye.

So what�s left? Well, there�s the karma of spring and what we will feel in the glorious days of rebirth. It never seems to turn on us, but always turns us on. Already the March winds are blowing, seeding the planet with renewed creation, which is wonderful karma for us all, because it always bring back life. But will it be enough?

We are poisoning the air with carbon emissions, polluting the oceans, warming the solar icecaps and inviting the flood so we can peddle around in automobiles. Bush rejected the notion of planet warming and did nothing of any note to curb the use of fossil fuels since he was joined at the hip with the oil industry. What will our car karma yield? An unliveable planet, drowned land areas, a cosmic but beautiful wasteland?

Karma, too, is related to the basic Christian concept that �you reap what you sow.� And we should consider what we are doing with the genetic engineering of our food supply for profit and so-called �productivity.� We are sowing as we speak seeds that do not produce new seeds from their plants to increase purchases from and profits to Monsanto, et al. We are sowing pesticides that destroy the fertility of the soil and those who breathe their fumes for miles around. We are sowing animal feedlots whose waste pollutes streams and earth and air.

If this karma is to be avoided, which is perhaps the result of previous decades of wrong action, one is advised to heed the Hindu and Buddhist teachings to �avoid, control or become mindful of the effects of desires and aversions as a way to moderate or change one�s karma (or, more accurately, one�s karmic results or destiny).�

Bush karma brought us Obama�s quest for change. Eight years of hardship, lies, pain, suffering, brought a surge of joy for a man who seemed to eloquently, passionately promise change. The question now is can he live up to that promise, or will the axiom prevail that �the more things change, the more they stay the same?� Would that the president, as described in the Washington Post�s Obama, Reaching Outside the Bubble of the White House could do so . . .

�Obama has learned during his first 40 days in the White House that he must fight to preserve such direct connections to the citizens he leads. Obama�s life as president is outsourced to about 25 assistants, 25 deputy assistants and 50 special assistants who act as a massive siphon to control the information that reaches his desk and schedule the meetings and public appearances that shape his days. A correspondence staff sorts through his mail and selects 10 letters that he reads. Three calligraphers write his invitations and thank-you notes. Two �body men� follow him in lockstep to carry his jacket, supply his ChapStick and place his telephone calls.

�The same culture of delegation has governed life in the White House for decades, but Obama�s popularity has heightened the need for so many gatekeepers. As the country�s first African American president, he receives an unprecedented number of requests for autographs, interviews, photographs and speeches, aides said, and less than one request in every thousand merits Obama�s attention.

�In fact, only 10 per day out of every 40,000 letters per day are directed to him, obviously through a rigorous screening process. This pattern has led him to spend at least one or more days a week traveling to some part of America or the world; and when in the White House to invite friends from the outside, including his hometown team of the Chicago Bulls.� Wonderful thought.

It�s obvious he�s trying to break through this karmic bubble of White House �reality.� My hope is that he will succeed and, as FDR (despite his physical disability of polio), spend as much time as he can �on the road� listening to his people, seeing first-hand the pain that is felt, the desolation that has been wrought to give him the strength, the energy, the will to triumph over his advisors and express his own original vision of what is needed to change America�s karmic path.

A good way to start would be to disengage from Afghanistan�s coming tragedy, to trade military appropriations to Israel for commitments from it to an equitable two-state solution, and to taking off the gloves with America�s financial criminals (including several in his administration) and not being afraid to bring in fresh minds with fresh ideas on how to distribute the billions in aid for this nation suffering from the results of its karmic greed and dog-eat-dog mentality. Enough said.

Amen, and all power to the freedom of the American spirit to break the circle of pain and desire and chose the right path towards freedom and liberation!

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York City. Reach him at read his new book, State Of Shock: Poems from 9/11 onat, Amazon or

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