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Commentary Last Updated: Jan 29th, 2008 - 01:46:15

Consider their actions afterwards
By Ted Lang
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Jan 29, 2008, 01:42

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It is true, the absence of character in our people for the last six years has been profoundly sad, their indifference toward the most important concerns of our nation has been truly crushing, their cowardice has sometimes cried out to the high Heaven. But it must not be forgotten that we are nevertheless dealing with a people which a few years previous offered the world the most admirable example of the highest human virtues. -- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1926

�Inquiring minds want to know!� is the way one questionable tabloid justifies its encroachment into the personal foibles of the rich and famous; but there is also an adage that offers, �Ignorance is bliss.�

To be sure, inquiry is indeed a more aggressive outcropping of human curiosity. And both aforementioned attributes of those prone to inquiry can and do sometimes result in disquieting realizations. The honesty, depth and moral relevance of inquiry defines the true nature of the intellectual level of the inquisitor.

Sadly, more often than not, I encounter individuals who immediately recognize the disquieting nature of a perceived response when considering a poignant question, and they immediately withdraw from the conversation in obvious hopes of dodging and avoiding both the answer and its relevancy to the truth. The truth can be ugly, and it can be painful; and worse, it can serve to absolutely and totally destroy comfort zone myths that actually serve to protect one�s peace of mind. It is this that satisfies the postulate, �Ignorance is bliss!�

Wishing to avoid either bad news or the ugly truth is, therefore, very understandable; yet, when considering important and very relevant questions, doing so is tantamount to the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand -- it exposes and makes vulnerable the derri�re!

But there is yet another odd dimension to learning the painful truth. If one can deal with the disquieting inquiry, and can brace for the initial revelation of ugly truth, the answer can be so painful that upon its cursory recognition, all follow-up inquiry is usually immediately terminated. Once the ugly truth has been revealed and known, we wish to quickly escape the hostile environment of truth, thereby immediately ending the discovery of any further ugly matters of such a disturbing nature.

Immediately short-circuiting further inquiry is often called �damage control,� especially when applied to deceitful, lying cabals and groups that wish to fool and hoodwink the public. They seek to limit that which has already been exposed, thereby protecting themselves from further reproach for their total wrongdoing; but sadly, as Hitler points out, the primary invoker of damage control is us as individuals. When ugly truths are exposed, we wish to run for cover, to escape, or to just stay in bed to avoid the harshness of the real world outside. It is similar to wanting to stay in bed on a cold, wet Monday morning rather than face the elements and the early morning commute.

Consider the upcoming 2008 presidential elections. Only three candidates are qualified considering the most important qualification for that so feverishly �sought-after� office; and that basic qualification is MORALITY. None of the MSM�s chosen �primary� contenders have it. That most important quality is totally missing in all save Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich (who has dropped out of the race) and Mike Gravel. And the latter two Democrats, as can be expected, have been shunned and rejected by their own despicable, immoral party of liars and Cheney-Bush regime enablers. And Paul is hated and despised by both the treasonous GOP and the traitors in the MSM. The Democratic Party has flipped off the voters that gave them a huge mandate to end the slaughter of civilians in Iraq and who also wanted Cheney-Bush impeached for lying to the American people and for violating human decency as evidenced by their egregious and continuing war crimes.

The Bush �presidency� will indeed go down as the worst administration in the history of this nation, protected by a double-crossing, double-dealing Democratic Party and foisted upon US by a treasonous and despicable Republican Party of fascists. How can we indeed explain our nation�s rapid demise over the last few years if not by pointing out the total lack of morality on the part of the current and former occupants of our abominable White House? Curiously, Hitler, a much maligned and universally hated dictator and mass murderer, offers in the quote cited an absolutely magnificent and moral position that would make the worse-than-useless speechmakers and MSM-chosen presidential wannabes gather legions of new election-winning supporters! But morality is completely foreign to their nature considering the time they have spent in our nation�s rats� nest of political corruption.

By now, most Americans have already faced the horrific and painful truth concerning 9/11. Such attacks were not only totally impossible without our government�s direct participation, but making them increasingly obvious as such is the afterwards behavior of the Cheney-Bush regime AND Congress. How quickly the USAPATRIOT Act was deployed. How convenient for the regime was the Military Commissions Act? And now yet another act by Congress to silence any and all dissent by criminalizing inquiry!

There will be no impeachment! There will be no further inquiry to the deadly government fraud of 9/11. There will be no trial for the AIPAC spymasters since the accused conspirators have threatened to legally drag into the trial the names of high-ranking officials in the Cheney-Bush regime, as well as members of Congress!.

But the Internet has shed much light on the DC rats� nest. The MSM and our crooked, corrupt politicians have spiked the DC Madam story; they�ve spiked the White House pedophile report; they have spiked the Sibel Edmonds report in the London Sunday Times that aired the disturbing news that high officials in BOTH the State Department AND the Pentagon sold nuclear secrets to foreign brokers and nations that could someday be our very enemies. When will these important reports be aired by The Establishment�s corporate mainstream mass media? As I had once offered long ago, the MSM is public enemy No. 1!

The shock of the low class Clinton regime, and the abomination and horror of Cheney-Bush, has triggered brutal and unswerving inquiry, investigation and analysis on the Internet. In fact, the criminal regimes of Clinton and Bush basically brought the Internet to life! The Internet is now America�s true free and independent press. But it will be silenced! Just look at the actions of Congress after 9/11. Congress and Cheney-Bush have profited greatly from 9/11, and their rapid capitalization of that event to launch domestically our now-fascist police state offers strong evidence as regards their complicity. And launching international Bolshevism in overthrowing the legitimate governments of other nations could also not have been so quickly and efficiently accomplished without that horrid event. It is their behavior after the fact that makes them all so suspect.

It is now, more than ever, increasingly apparent that 9/11 was made to happen for precisely these terrible motives. The need existed to frighten and terrorize the American populace. The presence of the free and independent Internet necessitated the horror of 9/11. Never again could a president be trusted to induce another nation to attack the United States. Never again could a McKinley, or a Woodrow Wilson, or FDR be counted upon to fool the American people and Congress as Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson did. And now, the masters of war, death and destruction have to cope with the damn Internet. The public and the Internet be damned!

The Internet, now the only source of the painful truth, has aired and reiterated ad nauseum the plots of Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and now Cheney-Bush, and proven beyond any modicum of doubt that these immoral political hacks dragged America and its people into unnecessary wars, causing our nation and others to needlessly lose millions of young men, and now young women as well, the latter horror thanks to draft-dodger Clinton, for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever! These wars were acts of political expedience to enrich the international central bankers and their minions in the military-industrial complex and the large corporate interests that profited greatly from the unbelievable carnage. And this ghastly Establishment continues to wreak havoc with our military, our economy and our national moral character, violating through Cheney-Bush our international commitments to humanity and the world community.

Consider the behavior of our corrupt, immoral, and mass-murdering leaders and their behavior after the fact. Consider the fine speeches of Abraham Lincoln, who orchestrated the Fort Sumter farce at the behest of �Northern industrialists� to retaliate against the South for its lucrative trade arrangements with European manufacturers. �With malice towards none . . ." and a �nation conceived in liberty,� and �a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?� What tripe! What utter nonsense! This occupant of the White House killed more Americans than any other by invoking a totally unnecessary �civil war.� By the way, no war to my way of thinking is �civil!�

Think of the political enemies this idolized American monster created; but, more importantly, knowing of the falsehoods and crimes against humanity and our nation that he committed, he tried to jail a Supreme Court Justice as well as an entire state legislature for disagreeing with him! He used torture in military prisons where many of his political enemies were incarcerated illegally. He had Union Army goon squads dressed up as civilians smash the printing presses and burn the buildings of newspapers whose publishers and editors disagreed with his imperial political stance. Was he insane, or simply a showcase example of dirty, deadly, corrupt politics?

And Woody Wilson, after giving away the American store to the international bankers via pushing for the enactment of the �Federal� Reserve and the income tax, hastened to deliver to the bankers the fruits of bankrolling the then-military-industrial complex by needlessly forcing us into World War I. The bankers capitalized on Woody�s crimes within three years of his acts of treason. The crimes of Lincoln, Wilson and FDR are now common knowledge thanks to the Internet. But the president that really boils my blood was none other than the liberal-progressive and all-time lefty favorite and the occupant of the White House during my birth: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And yes, I visited his mansion in Hyde Park, New York, AFTER eating at the Culinary Institute of America. In that one New York town, we have what I considered, until Cheney-Bush, as easily the most destructive, nation-crippling, worst disaster of a presidency in history along with an OSS (forerunner to the CIA) with a real and meaningful purpose. The man was a total phony, a fraud, a liar, and almost single-handedly launched World War II. And the reason for our current demise can readily be laid at the doorstep of that terrible war.

By now, most Internet-informed inquisitors know that FDR and his Navy had broken the Japanese code. They know as well that FDR and his buddy Churchill tried to incite war in the North Atlantic by engaging Hitler�s Navy. Hitler outsmarted them and didn�t take the bait, which drove his Navy chief Admiral Raeder ballistic. So in their frequent meetings, kind of like the Bush-Olmert meetings of today in which plots are concocted to get the stupid American goyim to invade Iraq and Iran, FDR and Churchill, knowing of the Japanese alliance with Germany in 1941, targeted the Pacific and decided to goad the Japanese into initiating an attack to serve as the reason to engage in a war with Hitler to make the world safe for Bolshevism. FDR initiated an American embargo against Japan of vital consumer and industrial goods desperately needed by the growing menace of Japanese military imperialism, and then threatened to blockade Japanese shipping bringing the lifeblood of war, oil, from Burma, to fuel the Japanese war machine.

FDR knew that Admiral James Richardson was totally correct in pointing out the Pacific Fleet�s vulnerability to air attack by being anchored totally in Pear Harbor, Hawaii. FDR deliberately put them in harm�s way to supposedly reinforce his threat to the Japanese to close down their oil supply routes from Burma. When Richardson twice disobeyed Emperor FDR�s orders to anchor the entire Pacific Fleet at Pearl, FDR fired him. When the attacking fleet left Japan, as learned from decoded radio transmissions, and was well underway, FDR DID NOTHING! He fully intended to allow innocent, defenseless Americans to die in order to anger our nation�s citizenry and Congress to come to the decision to make war with Japan, and, therefore, with Hitler as well. Hitler was no threat to America, nor even for that matter was he a real threat to Great Britain. It was Churchill who intimidated Hitler to attack Great Britain just as FDR intimated the Japanese to attack US to drag Germany into the war. Hitler could have continued the bombing and invasion of Great Britain; he didn�t. He could have wiped out the British at Dunkirk; he didn�t. His Mein Kampf speaks to an ALLIANCE with Great Britain!

Even after knowingly setting up the victims of Pearl Harbor and allowing Americans to die for political expediency, FDR failed to intercede in the courts martial of both Admiral Husband Kimmel and Army commander General Walter Short. They were FDR�s chosen scapegoats for the �sneak attack.� FDR allowed Americans to die for political expediency, just as Churchill in 1915 recalled the British Navy escort ship being assigned to the HMS Lusitania, knowing full well that British subjects and Americans aboard would be sacrificed for political expediency. How utterly cold blooded!

But FDR�s most despicable post event behavior was the incarceration of Japanese Americans in concentration camps. What a low life! He started the war and then pretended that all Japanese were at fault, just as Lincoln portrayed all Southerners were America�s enemy, just as Hitler blamed all Jews for the actions of the �Jewish� Rothschild and Warburg bankers, and just like the Israelis and Cheney-Bush are now scapegoating all Arabs and Muslims and inventing the straw-demon of �Islamofascism.�

Their telltale behavior after the fact was just a continuation of their dirty tricks, lies, fraud and deliberate mass murders that they planned and carried out from the very start. Allowing the courts martial of two innocent American military leaders even after knowing both innocent, and had a legitimate right to be concerned for their men, and for following through and imprisoning Japanese-Americans, FDR�s immorality was in a low class formerly all by itself.

But not anymore -- now we�ve got Cheney-Bush and a collection as well of yet another crop of low class wannabes of the worst kind, armed now with fascist �legislation� provided by the DC rats� nest! We have a �choice� of yet more low class dirtbags ready to again fool and mass murder Americans via a government of, by and for the evil and corrupt!

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.

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