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Special Reports Last Updated: Mar 15th, 2010 - 01:28:55

The true nature of certain 'progressives' finally being revealed
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Mar 15, 2010, 00:22

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(WMR) -- Ever since this editor exposed the foreign money and foreign- and domestic-based operatives who engineered George W. Bush�s re-election in 2004, I was on the receiving end of vitriol from the fake progressive sector of cyberspace. The barbs came from those who can be referred to as the �Fifth Chief Directorate of the DNC/DLC� -- the corporate Democrats� answer to the former KGB�s censorship and internal security enforcement wing.

The chief propagandist entities of the DNC/DLC �Fifth Chief Directorate,� which takes its orders from the CIA and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)/ADL, are DailyKos, Huffington Post, and DemocraticUnderground. There are others for the Democrats, but these serve as the main three.

Recently, DailyKos�s agent of influence for the corporate power structure, its founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, called Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) a �little prick� and announced he was backing a primary challenger to Kucinich. This has prompted several hard-hitting diaries this week, such as What the hell is up with Kos? and Markos Moulitsas Should Primary Himself.

The Markos operation was formulated in the White House political boiler room run by the DLC�s and AIPAC�s main jawboner, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

I discovered Zuniga to be a phony in 2005, after the DailyKos attacks over my election fraud coverage. Of course, Keith Olbermann of MS-NBC, a man who receives his pay check from General Electric, a major defense contractor, joined in the attacks from the phony left.

From 2005: �Time to take the gloves are off with the agitprop purveyors at Daily Kos . . . Since the proprietor of that web site has made a sport out of his web site being used for ad hominem attacks on this editor and WMR�s backers and sources, its time for a close �Inside the Beltway� examination of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the much-ballyhooed �progressive� Democratic activist. �Kos,� as he calls himself, grew up in El Salvador but moved with his family to Chicago to avoid the El Salvadoran civil war. Kos joined the U.S. Army in 1989 and was posted in Germany but avoided the first Gulf War. But while Mr. Kos was in the Army where he was presumably a valuable Spanish-speaking asset, on Dec. 17, 1989, the United States illegally invaded Panama, the final in a series of bloody Reagan-Bush Central American military operations that included Special Forces missions in Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Kos� boyhood homeland, El Salvador.�

It was no surprise when Kos admitted that he had applied for a job at the CIA. What he never admitted was whether he was accepted and served their interests while a key player in the 2004 Howard Dean campaign, which collapsed from provocateurs from within.

The following is what WMR reported on the Dean campaign: �Mr. Kos later joined the Howard Dean campaign, helping to set up Dean�s presidential campaign web site with Joe Trippi and managing to amass some $50 million in contributions, mostly from small donors contributing $100 or less via the Internet. But after Dean�s campaign imploded after the Iowa caucuses (because some campaign staffer allowed Fox News to provide pool coverage of the Dean rally with a fateful noise-canceling microphone), no one could account for much of the $50 million. Where did it go?�

WMR continued with its expose of Kos: �But Kos and his merry band of holier-than-thou confabulators now act as a Ministry of Truth for the Democratic Party and progressive movement. In fact, they are pathetic censors and narrow agenda propagandists. Unlike Daily Kos, WMR neither has the desire nor the resources to become a blog and a platform from which cowardly anonymous posters can launch venal and uninformed attacks. As for yesterday�s posting on Daily Kos, WMR will put its African political knowledge base against that of Daily Kos any day of the week. How many books on Africa has Kos or his sycophantic followers written? Contrary to what Kos� disinformation specialists claim, the search and seizure carried out by the FBI of Nigerian Vice President (and 2007 presidential candidate) Atiku Abubakar�s Potomac, Maryland home involved long standing illegal money flows between Nigeria and top Republicans (and a few Democrats). The raid of Abubakar�s Potomac home, the first known FBI search of the home of a high-ranking foreign official, seized documents related to the Jefferson bribery case but also petrodollar bribes paid to other top U.S. government officials by Nigerian officials. With Dick Cheney enmeshed in a criminal case involving previous bribes paid by Halliburton to Nigerian officials and Nigerian officials being used as conduits between Nigerian oil wealth and right-wing U.S. politicians and causes, it is understandable why the FBI would be ordered to conduct a clean sweep of any incriminating Nigerian documents, even if such seizures violated the separation of powers clause in the U.S. Constitution and international agreements on diplomatic immunity to which the U.S. is a signatory.

Mr. Kos seems to think its perfectly legitimate and professional to allow his web site to be used to question the veracity of an on-line editor who has just released a new book and who, in part, depends on book sales to earn a living and be able to subsist in cost-of-living soaring Washington, DC. For a guy who claims to have a law degree, he must�ve cut all his tort classes. But Mr. Kos has also recently released a book. If you still think he has a shred of credibility, go buy it and read it. This editor, for one, will not be �crashing any gates� or be in line for one of Kos� book signings any time soon.�

Fortunately, WMR�s financial situation improved since the early days in May 2005 after the site was launched only to meet a head-on barrage from the likes of Zuniga and his Democratic Leadership Council, AIPAC, and GLBT single-issue swooners.

What infuriated the apparatchiks at Daily Kos was the following WMR report on the Reprsentative William Jefferson bribery case (WMR was a free site then and available to all):

� . . . the $90,000 found in Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson�s freezer by the FBI had its origins with Nigerian politicians. . . .

The Nigerian bribery scandal involving Jefferson is also linked to previous bribes paid to Nigerian politicians by U.S. oil companies, including $180 million in bribes paid by Halliburton, while Dick Cheney was its chairman, to Nigerian officials in return for a gas liquefaction plant contract in Nigeria. That bribery scheme (known as the �Technip Affair�) resulted in a multinational criminal investigation of Halliburton that included the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department. . . .

The FBI�s raid on Jefferson�s office may have had more to do with eliminating evidence involving U.S. oil companies in Nigerian bribery schemes (and, therefore, protect Cheney) than in nailing Jefferson.�

The comments from the DailyKos robots were predictable and referred to �tin foil� and �conspiracies,� as is usual for that crowd. However, one DailyKos reader responded with the following (an indication that they are not all in total lockstep with the U.S. Army veteran from Iran-contra era El Salvador):

�Its your right to think Madsen�s reports are irresponsible, but you don�t understand their nature if you think you can google a confirmation of everything he says. That�s the beauty of his work. My take is that the vast majority of what he says is ultimately shown to be correct, if there ever is any other confirmation. You concluded: �The existence of poorly-sourced stories or websites muddies the waters because of irresponsible claims or crackpot theories. But such sites do sometimes alert the wary reader to lines of inquiry that can be important.� I think you got that at least half right. The truth is almost never irresponsible. The question is whether the source is true or not, and that requires judgement and time. There�s no truth filter on the Internet, so its obviously buyer beware. What Madsen does is provide those lines of inquiry and behind the scenes links. Do they fit in with the rest of your knowledge base or not, are they credible to you or not? That�s the choice you have to make.�

At least someone at DaiyKos seems to have remembered how the �Washington Merry-Go-Round� investigative column of Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson operated and why it operated the way it did -- ultimately to protect its sources.

It was also interesting that Zuniga�s partner at DailyKos, Jerome Armstrong, was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for engaging in a Wall Street �pump and dump� scheme involving touting a high tech company called BluePoint. The smell of Wall Street hucksterism and shysterism hangs heavy over the DailyKos types.

Since 2005, anytime there was a story citing WMR on DailyKos, it would be banned. Sometimes Zuniga would carry out the censoring himself such as with this comment from DailyKos: �Kos personally deleted an �Is Hastert Gay?� diary the other day, citing both a bullshit source (Wayne Madsen) and the bullshit nature of the inquiry itself.�

Zuniga seemed rather defensive of Dennis Hastert, it seemed. Or maybe he was directed by his masters to censor the story.

As for Arianna Huffington as her Huffington Post, which is financially backed by George Soros, the fact that it saw fit to censor an article about 9/11 Truth with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura speaks volumes about Huffington and her website. It also turns out that Soros has family connections to some of the earliest 9/11 �Truth� organizers -- individuals who set out to steer the movement away from the uncomfortable truths, especially those that involve Israel, Wall Street, and the U.S. government, itself.

In the mid-1990s, this editor was speaking at a conference at the Queen Elizabaeth II Conference Center in London (ironically, where the Chilcott Inquiry is now grilling members of the Labor government over the Iraq war). A well-dressed man in a three-piece pin-striped business suit caught me during a session break and asked me if I knew Arianna Huffington. I knew she was a conservative maven who was linked to Newt Gingrich and whose husband, Representative Michael Huffington (R-CA), had left her for his gay lover but beyond that I had no other information. The man, who said he was from the Home Office, very probably MI-5, said that his office had its eye on Arianna since she arrived in London from her native Greece and had attempted to involve herself romantically with members of the royal family, including a few of the sons of the Queen. The gent, who never gave his name, said America should be wary of Arianna as his office had concluded that she was a �curtain climber� who was trying to get into the halls of power. London had failed for her, the man said, but he felt she was doing the same thing in the United States. Huffington abandoned the Republicans for the Democrats. Her friend Newt Gingrich was replaced by her new friend George Soros. The man from MI-5 was right on the money after all.

Soros�s money, which ensures censorship and disinformation on the left, has permeated far beyond Huffington Post to several other left gatekeeper sites. They consist of all the �usual suspects.�

As for HuffPo, it is quite clear who is behind them, other than Soros. One article was by the Arab-American bought-and-paid-for� shill for Israel James Zogby. On Novermber 14, 2008, Zogby wrote: �Rahm Emanuel is a brilliant strategist and a practitioner of hard-ball politics who, in campaigns, his time in the Clinton White House and more recently in Congress, has demonstrated that he knows how to get a job done . . . This, of course, was neither the content nor the concerns raised by the emails I received. Some charged that Emanuel was an Israeli citizen or a dual U.S.-Israeli national (he is neither, he was born in Chicago in 1959); or, they alleged that he served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), losing his finger confronting a Syrian tank during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon (he did not serve in the IDF, and lost his finger in a freak accident while working as a teenager in an Arby�s restaurant). A few accused Emanuel of skipping U.S. military service to join the IDF in 1991 (also not true -- in the midst of the 1991 Gulf War, while U.S. forces were manning Patriot missile batteries in Israel and the Arab Gulf, Emanuel volunteered for a few weeks, as a civilian, doing maintenance on Israeli vehicles). The most recent story alleges that Rahm Emanuel was fired from the White House in 1998 after being implicated by the FBI, together with Monica Lewinsky, in a Mossad plot to spy on then-President Clinton (a total fabrication, compliments of a shady character who claims to have been a U.S. intelligence official and is a purveyor of many bizarre tales).�

It was quite clear to whom Zogby was referring concerning the reports on Emanuel�s ultimate loyalty. A HuffPo poster wrote the following in response to Zogby�s pro-Emanuel article: ��Clinton [said] that he believed the White House phones were tapped, and apparently suggested that Mossad had something to do with it. I think Wayne Madsen reports that.� A defender of Zogby responded, �Oh please . . . more misinformation spread on Huf Po . . . How lame and speaks directly to Zogby�s point. Its disgusting -- anti Jewish and anti Arab and does nothing to further peace and co existence. All it does is further suspicion and mistrust which is what we Americans have just voted to try and get beyond.�

Now, as Zuniga reaps the retaliation of the true progressives, I am taking time out for a wee bit of Schadenfreude. Prost!

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright � 2010

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).

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