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Special Reports Last Updated: Feb 10th, 2010 - 00:55:13

Jack Abramoff�s old friend now South African envoy to Argentina
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Feb 10, 2010, 00:28

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(WMR) -- WMR�s South African intelligence sources report that last year�s posting of former opposition Democratic Party/Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon as South African ambassador to Buenos Aires is part of an effort to coordinate the Zionist and right-wing campaign to destabilize populist and progressive governments in Latin America.

Leon, who is married to an Israeli national, took up his post in Buenos Aires last year. In 2007, Leon was a Fellow at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University�s John F. Kennedy School of Government, an operation, which ironically has many connections to the U.S. intelligence community notwithstanding President Kennedy�s opposition to CIA activities and his threat to abolish the agency. In 2008, Leon was a visiting fellow at the Cato Institute�s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity in Washington, DC.

As the foreign policy spokesman for the Democratic Alliance, Leon led the effort against a follow up to the United Nations World Conference against racism in Durban. Leon coordinated his activities with such organizations as the Womens International Zionist Organization (WIZO). South Africa�s Palestine Solidarity Alliance accused Leon of being silent during Israel�s attack on Gaza and of being an agent of �apartheid Israel.� Leon�s fellow South African Jew, jurist Richard Goldstone, has been labeled anti-Semitic because his United Nations report on Israel�s invasion of Gaza suggested the Jewish state may be guilty of carrying out war crimes.

A series of emails and chat room postings in 2005 between African National Congress officials accused Leon of conspiring with Mossad and the South African anti-corruption police, the Scorpions, to discredit Zuma, whose government Leon now represents in Buenos Aires. Then-Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, who, according to WMR�s South African sources, embroiders his anti-Israeli public statements with a close working relationship with South Africa�s Jewish Board, denounced the emails as fakes. Kasrils, like Leon, is Jewish.

WMR has reported in the past on Leon�s activities with pro-apartheid South African agent Jack Abramoff, the Republican uber-lobbyist now serving a federal prison sentence for bribery and conspiracy.

On January 21, 2006, WMR reported: �According to South African intelligence sources, convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff was a long-time intelligence asset for South Africa�s apartheid era security services . . . In 1985, Abramoff launched the International Freedom Foundation (IFF) in Washington. In fact, IFF was a front for South African military intelligence, code named Pacman, and a major front for South Africa�s international propaganda efforts. The IFF was a joint project of Russel Crystal, currently a Democratic Alliance official in South Africa, and a former apartheid South Africa top spy, Craig Williamson. According to South African intelligence sources, Abramoff was first recruited by Crystal and Williamson during 1979 and 1980.�

Our report further stated: �Abramoff�s takeover of the College Republicans National Committee (CRNC) in Washington, DC, was directed by both Crystal and Williamson and similarly funded. In fact, Abramoff was mentored by them, being trained as a political operator, apartheid style -- the emphasis was on carrying out political dirty tricks with non-attribution through fronts, screens, and dupes . . . The Democratic Alliance in South Africa is the official opposition to the African National Congress. Its leader is Tony Leon, a colleague of Crystal and Williamson at Wits University who bankrolled him in his student election campaigns as they did Abramoff in CRNC. They then financed Leon�s year-long visit to the U.S. to teach law. Abramoff administered all of Leon�s U.S. arrangements. Abramoff liaised with the DA and Leon in Washington, DC and New York City . . . Abramoff introduced Williamson to Grover Norquist and they became friends. This relationship assisted South African intelligence�s Operations Longreach and Babushka, essentially pro-apartheid influenced operations in DC. One propaganda operation was Abramoff�s movie Red Scorpion, based on UNITA guerrilla leader Jonas Savimbi, a movie for which South Africa provided military equipment, vehicles, and extras.�

Leon�s representation of South Africa�s African National Congress (ANC) government of President Jacob Zuma is another indication that South Africa remains under the heavy influence of external interests linked to diamonds, weapons exports, and private military companies. There have been credible reports that South Africa has virtually turned over security at Johannesburg�s Tambo International Airport to Israeli intelligence operatives.

Leon�s tenure in Buenos Aires helps coordinate the activities of the old Reagan-era intelligence network used to prop up the apartheid regime, destabilize Angola by supporting UNITA and battling against Cuban troops in the country, and the covert operations directed against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

After the presidential election victory in Chile of the neo-Pinochet candidate and billionaire Sebastian Pinera, the right wing and their Zionist allies can turn their attention to Argentina�s 2011 presidential election. Current President Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner�s husband, Nestor Kirchner, her predecessor as president in expected to run for president in 2011 against his one-time mentor Eduardo Duhalde. President Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner and her husband have established close relations with Venezuela�s Hugo Chavez and other progressive Latin American leaders. That has brought them into the sights of the neoconservative and Zionist network, which now seeks to destabilize countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, and others that have maintained good relations with Iran and have criticized Israeli policies. Leon�s posting to Buenos Aires supplements the plans being hammered out in Jerusalem and Washington to bring about the election of capitalists subservient to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and eliminate the �progressive bloc� in Latin America.

This year�s Brazilian presidential election of a successor to left progressive President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is also a top priority for manipulation. Sao Paulo State Governor Jose Serra of the right-wing opposition party is the preferred candidate for the neocons and international banking elites. The nightmare candidate for the neocons and Zionists is Dilma Rousseff, Lula�s current chief of staff, who would be Brazil�s first female president. Rousseff�s father was an active member of the Bulgarian Communist Party and she has stated that she would continue Lula�s foreign policies, including his support for Chavez and Iran.

Israel has used Argentina�s and Brazil�s sizable Jewish constituencies to marshal opposition to the Middle East foreign policies of the Kirchners and Lula. With Leon now in charge of the South African embassy in Buenos Aires, Israel�s propaganda activities have received a huge diplomatic boost.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright � 2010

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).

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