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Commentary Last Updated: Jan 11th, 2010 - 00:30:02

The Bush legacy, a decade of pain
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Jan 11, 2010, 00:26

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It�s not just the tragedy of 9/11, which most intelligent people realize by now was government-sponsored terror on America, a false-flag operation that continues to this day via Abdulmutallab�s (faux) attempt at terrorism. It wasn�t just the bogus war on terror that was spun out of 9/11�s tragedy by Bush�s neocon administration, which started the war in Afghanistan supposedly to find Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of 9/11, and to axe the terrible Taliban (who helped the Afghans win the war we started against the Russians). No, it was more.

It was a desire to hold the pipeline routes from the Caspian Sea Region, rich in oil and gas, to Afghanistan to Pakistan and the Indian Ocean, on the drawing boards before 9/11, awaiting an inciting incident. Also, on the boards was the desire to dump Saddam Hussein, who was playing with the oil prices and getting a bit too frisky. Hence, Bush�s Iraq War, based on false accusations of Hussein planning to nuke us with the never-to-be-found Weapons of Mass Destruction.

You could say the Bush legacy is a combination of catastrophes plus the $750 billion ransom note (perhaps turd would be a better word) that Henry Paulson, former destructor of the Treasury, left on the steps of the White House and Congress, i.e., pay or your economy dies in days, this as the nascent president-elect, Barack Hussein Obama, was about to dip his toes in the still warm blood of the Bush wreckage.

Perhaps an even better descriptor for Paulson�s threat was, as billionaire Warren Buffett labeled the derivatives and toxic debt paper that had exploded already in the financial system, �weapons of mass financial destruction.� This was the planned gift, the I.E.D.�s (improvised explosive devices) consciously planted on the road to prosperity to bring it down, so that the banks and Wall Street could greedily gobble up the pieces, a further transfer of wealth upwards, continuing the gifts of billions in tax cuts to the wealthiest 10 percent of the population during Bush�s terrible tenure.

This particular financial conspiracy, I believe, has been severely overlooked and unpunished as such. It was contrived in all their sweet time by the Bush White House, Paulson and his Wall Street cronies, a welcome gift to any thought of change by a candidate from either side of the aisle. To say that in Dodge City they all would have been strung up as crow food is an understatement. But that was an earlier, less-finessed, less-corrupt media-driven, rough and ready America. Today, we only do things like that to our enemies, not our supposed �advisory experts from the financial community, or Homeland Security, or the Department of Defense,� and so on.

To plan to leave the economy in this state of impending financial chaos was tantamount to selling your house and leaving a time bomb in the basement because you were unhappy about having to move out, i.e., no one in the neighborhood wanted you around anymore. Well, the bomb went off, BOOM in the White House, BOOM in the Congress, and KABOOM, in America. And, as the pieces fall to earth, they are bringing more bodies with them, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and now Yemen. And they are driving us deeper and deeper into debt and political chaos.

Now, before you say or even think it, this is not an apologia for the present administration. They calculatedly continued expanding the chaos, their predecessors� creations, not without a certain vigor of their own, thinking that it represented �patriotism� to the people, or �bravery� or �good wars� or any other heated handle that would burn the hand that touched it, and burn it good. In fact, the financial bombs that subsequently went off, like those in the World Trade Towers, were just as lethal and destructive, if not more so, because they affected 300 million American lives, not to mention the lives of citizens of economies around the world. And that would be totally appropriate to the repugnant Bush agenda, taking the world down with it in its insistent pursuit of world hegemony.

Paulson�s note and what followed, all of it, was not an accident, not random acts of congressional generosity, not a misreading of what was already bubbling in the system, which we had been warned about by numerous major economists. Paulson�s three-page ransom note was the crown of corruption to veer the new administration away from any possibility of significant change, whether they were angels descended from heaven or calculating devils from the deep, or a bit of both. If I put a bomb at your doorstep as you�re planning to descend it to go to work, and it goes off, and takes your legs away, that was what the Bush gang did.

I say all this having just read the usually conservative New York Times article, U.S. Economy Lost 85,000 Jobs in December. If anyone thinks the hard times are over and real recovery from the �Great Recession� is here, think again. Despite the fact that the economy lost 85,000 jobs last month, the (conservatively stated) 10 percent unemployment numbers held steady. It merely showed more unemployed workers had given up searching for work. Construction and manufacturing sectors were hardest hit. 15.3 million Americans still unemployed. The number of those not working for six months or longer hit 39.8 percent this December. That�s the highest level since records first were kept in 1948.

This despite the $787 billion in federal spending to stimulate growth and by tax credits for home buyers. Households are strapped, layoff worries continue, spending is curtailed, banks are reluctant to lend given new losses emerging from mortgage holdings they signed for. Businesses are holding back on hiring, still worried this is a bear market surge not a real recovery.

Until millions of jobs are created, the New York Times tells us, the economy can�t recover. Are any jobs for sale, anywhere? Or are they still being exported, perhaps responsible in part for the nearly 700,000 jobs that were vanishing each month at the beginning of 2009. How�s business in India and China? Is the latter contracting, too, its skyline full of building shells, unfinished facades of prosperity?

What we do know is that in the eight years of pain called the Bush administration that ushered in a recklessly free market, the stage was set for this present circus, which has now drawn Obama, the former peacemaker, into resurging against Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen while Iraq suffers at the hands of mysteriously-like-Blackwater daily explosions, supposedly ascribed to insurgencies and/or the CIA-branded Al Qaeda, the boogeyman of the new millennium, actually a name from a file on bin Laden�s laptop of good fighters he�d fought with against Russia.

In fact, we live still in a fiction that Bush & Company created, a non-reality that denies Global Warming, continues with torture and the USAPATRIOT Act, plus extended powers for the president to do harm, daily terror alerts and attempted, foiled and successful �terrorist� events, a movie beyond simulation by Hollywood�s special effects, most notably Langley staffers killing with drones a half a world away from their intended victims. This is not a Brave New World. It is its child, a Cowardly New World, where even death is depersonalized.

This is the Bush legacy, so staggeringly reenacted by the Obama victims, who themselves must be in shell shock from day one. Again, this is not an apologia, just one man�s tale of the winter of our discontent.

And somewhere back in Austin, or Houston, or Bum-luck, Texas, George W. Bush sits nestled in front of his TV, not having to play born again, alcohol-free, voice of God anymore. Although his echo is enough to bring a cup to the lips and thumb through those Jeff Gannon pictures again and wish what? He could do it all over again, or pass on it altogether, not worry about what Poppy would have thought of him, or become a full-time cheerleader for the Cowboys? Who knows, who ever really knew what went through that man�s mind. For sure, the Republicans should take no pleasure in his failures or Obama�s ups and drowns.

This is the path the past put him on, the decade of pain. Does he lack the strength to go his own way? Was there even a choice past vetting? Does he not want to be JFK? Who knows? �The shadow knows,� as the old radio show used to say. In this case, the shadow government that seems to dog every president since JFK. Defense, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Insurance Industry, Israel, the Bilderbergers, the puppet masters, the non-intelligence agencies, the enemies of life as we know it. Do I have a finish for this, as they say in show biz?

Well, the set could fall. That�s good for a few laughs. We can see the Wizard of Oz is just a tired old man that looks like GHW Bush. Someone like Milton Berle or Rudy Giuliani can come out in drag and entertain with some bad jokes, cigar in hand. Or we could just go with the flow, as Ken Kesey or the 60s would advise, in medias res Vietnam, and hope that we land safely with tons of dope in Mena, Arkansas. After all, what was the mantra, �turn on, tune in, and drop out.� Are you ready for that? Not. Maybe a Netflix flick, HBO on Demand, a hot bath?

Well, as they say, tomorrow is another day. Or is it? Just the same old Groundhog Day, which has to be played out over and over and over again, ad infinitum, until we get it right. Good luck, America. I�m with you 100 percent all the way. And bad luck, Mr. Bush. You were a crook from day one, when you and yours bought the Supreme Court and bought Judge Scalia, who handed you victory over a recalcitrant Al Gore, who should have had every vote in the state of Florida recounted and come out with the five-figure win that three newspapers in their subsequent recount printed clear as day.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. Reach him at His new book, State Of Shock: Poems from 9/11 on� is available at, Amazon or

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