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Commentary Last Updated: Feb 21st, 2008 - 01:11:26

How sick of it are you?
By Mike Ferner
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Feb 21, 2008, 00:46

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We have screamed at the heavens and cried bitter tears. We�ve marched and picketed and gone to jail. And we are sick. Sick of the corruption . . . sick of the liars . . . sick of this war!

On March 19, the day the U.S. invaded Iraq five years ago, we�ll be sick of it yet again. But on that revolting day we can do something nonviolently revolutionary. We can withdraw our consent from this sick system by calling in sick.

People are signing up to do just that at the �Sick Of It Day� website. With passion and eloquence they�re saying why they are �sick of it.�

�Because over a million innocents have died. Because the Democrats, who promised to end the war, have been in control of the budget now for almost a year and a half, and they have continued to fund the war. Because I'm disgusted with Bush, Cheney and the Democrats.� --David Lindorff, Amble,r PA

�The lies, the deaths, the brutality, the sheer hubris and arrogance, and the obscene profits from it all.� --Ron Jacobs, Asheville, NC

�Because Lavena Johnson is dead and she should not be and her parents are broken-hearted. Because Ken Ballard is dead and he should not be and his parents are broken-hearted. Because James Curtis Coons is dead and he should not be and his parents are broken-hearted. Because there are "officially" 3,960 young men and women who are dead and they should not be and their parents, wives, husbands, children, grandparents, siblings, friends, lovers, and communities are broken-hearted. Because the wounded will live with their own broken hearts, hopes and dreams. And so will their families. Because the collective heart of Iraq . . . that is beyond words.� --Peggy Daly-Masternak, Toledo, OH

�Like hamsters we run the wheel, never getting ahead. While our leaders kill, bomb & torture for fun and big profits. These soldiers are our sons & daughters and our government turns them into monsters . . . War is not glory it's horror . . . This is not life! It's death described as life.� --Michael McKinney, Bay Village, OH

�My daughter is an Iraq Vet and on Inactive Ready Reserve . . . and risks another Iraq deployment. Our congresswoman is on the OUT OF IRAQ Caucus, but continues to fund this occupation every other time it is presented to her. My x son-in-law is a disabled, Purple Heart Iraq Veteran. We have to stop drinking the kool-aid, wake up America!� --Dinah Mason, Santa Barbara, CA

�I am sick of hearing people lose hope and say there's nothing that can be done . . . we can start change now. Being sick of it is only the first step. We must . . . believe again that we really do have the power to make an impact, and put our conscience into action.� --Susan Burky, Reading, PA

�I am sick of seeing another generation of young men and women get betrayed and destroyed by their country. I am sick of feeling again each blow a mother gave me when I told her that her only son was killed in Vietnam . . . I am sick of having the visions of little knee high kids maimed by bombs in another never should have happened war . . . I am sick that we never learned the lessons of Vietnam and are repeating them again in Iraq.� --Paul Appell, Altona, IL

�I am sick of all the killing. I am sick of the lies. I am sick of the apathy . . . I am sick of feeling ashamed of my country.� --Peggy Love, Rock Island, WA

�I am sick of seeing America in denial about how much we have been lied to.� --Adam Kokesh, Washington, DC

�I'm sick of seeing The American People fall for scum bag propaganda and disempowering their own ears, eyes, brains, and hearts.� --Susan Galleymore, Alameda, CA

Sick enough? Then sign up here: And when you call in sick on March 19, before going back to bed or out to protest, check out this link to the document that started a revolution against another King George. Note where it says �Governments are instituted among Men (sic), deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed . . .

We no longer consent. We are sick of it.

Mike Ferner is a member of Veterans For Peace, the sponsor of �Sick Of It Day.�

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