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Commentary Last Updated: Nov 9th, 2007 - 00:50:17

"Hang 'em high" -- the new frontier of the left?
By Gabriele Zamparini
Online Journal Guest Writer

Nov 9, 2007, 00:47

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That desert of corpses drowning under an ocean of blood, also known as the New Iraq, must have an aphrodisiac effect capable of stimulating the most hidden passions. Already with the lynching of the last president of Iraq almost a year ago, that raunchy desire surfaced from the darkest side of humankind in the form of a sinister caw in the air.

When the silence strategy failed because of the spontaneous outcry following the horror of a couple of videos showing the barbaric lynching of Saddam Hussein, the Western circus of mountebanks, human rights crooks, think tanks, ma�tre � penser (including many �on the left� and in what is known as �the antiwar movement�), were forced to give the most sophisticated explanations and with their sapience helped the already propagandized Western public opinion to buy one more crime and accept this other moral and legal monstrosity.

Other members of the legitimate government of Iraq were lynched through throat-cutting and hanging by those responsible for the supreme international crime and their collaborators.

Once they illegally invaded and brutally occupied a sovereign country, the supreme international criminals decapitated the Iraqi government with the help of a sectarian gang of murderers and warlords who have helped precipitate Iraq into the darkest age of its history.

Now, with more than 1.2 millions Iraqi killed, more than 5 million Iraqi refugees, cholera, death squads, depleted uranium, ethnic cleansing and a country completely annihilated, that aphrodisiac effect seems to have poisoned our blood completely if one can read on one of the best alternative websites on the left the call for hanging three more Ba'ath party officials: Ali Hassan al-Majid, Sultan Hashem al-Tai and Hussein Rashid al-Tikriti.

Has "Hang 'em high" become the new frontier of the left? Bloody hell!

Gabriele Zamparini is an independent filmmaker and freelance writer living in London. He's the producer and director of the documentaries "XXI CENTURY" and "The Peace!" DVD and author of "American Voices of Dissent" (Paradigm Publishers). He can be reached at More about him and his work on

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