Cage didn't know ‘Croods' clan before film

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage says he didn”t meet his co-stars in the animated caveman comedy “The Croods,” until after the movie had wrapped.

“This is the very first day I have ever met Ryan [Reynolds,]” Cage told United Press International at a press conference in New York Friday, when asked if he taped his voice performance alone in a studio or alongside the actors who play his prehistoric family members.

“We just met now,” Reynolds confirmed.

“I am a huge fan,” Cage added.

“Ditto,” Reynolds said.

“But we just met today. That is the absolute truth. Emma [Stone] and I met in Berlin [at the film festival where the movie premiered,]” Cage went on. “So, to answer your question, we didn”t get to interact with each other while making the movie, but we could imagine what each of us were doing and sometimes [writer-directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco] would do playbacks and we could riff off of that.”

Cage told the reporters at the news conference he loved how the DreamWorks Animation feature is appealing to audience members of all ages.

“I don”t see it as a children”s movie. I see it as a family movie and children are invited,” he noted. “There is something in the movie for everyone and that”s one of things I really adore about the picture. My youngest son [Kal-El, 7,] can see it and my oldest son [Weston, 22,] can see it, and everyone is going to get something out of it. … What makes it work is it doesn”t condescend to children. We know how intelligent children are. We know they appreciate good music and drawings and so I think any family film that has worked with the community of children is one that doesn”t talk down to children.”

Cage also said he was also “blown away” by how visually stunning the film is.

“All of it. The animals in the movie. The spectacular landscapes. The collaborative works of art that joined together to make the movie and I was very happy with all the performances.”

Featuring the voice talents of Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman, “The Croods” opens in U.S. theaters March 22.

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