Susie Castillo, Former Miss USA Complains of TSA Violation

Apr 29, 2011, 10:53 by R.E. Christian

A former Miss USA says the Transportation Safety Authority "violated" her in a "full-body patdown" after she refused to go through a body scanner in Dallas.

Susie Castillo, who was Miss USA in 2003, said she felt "violated" by a female TSA agent during the patdown, alleging the agent touched her genitals four times while patting her down from the back and the front, The Boston Globe reported Wednesday.

"She actually touched my vagina," she said.

Castillo, who works as an actress, said she travels frequently and tries to avoid the scanners as she has worries about radiation.

TSA requires airlines passengers who refuse to pass though the scanner to undergo a patdown.

"I am already so upset that they are making me choose to get molested -- because that's what I feel like -- or go through a machine that is completely unhealthy and dangerous."

Castillo said that when she complained to TSA officials in Dallas she was given a complaint form to fill out.

Source: UPI