New York City Subway Spaghetti Fight: The Video & Debate

Mar 24, 2011, 13:46 by David Hope

The New York City Subway's "Spaghetti Fight" is bringing a lot of attention to what many people see as an important issue - etiquette on the most popular form of public transit in the city.

A video that's gone up on YouTube (and shown below for your convenience) shows a number of NYC subway riders literally brawling over one person's decision to eat spaghetti while using the subway service.

The video is self-explanatory, but the battle behind the story wages on. Users have commented on the video with their opinions and will probably continue to do so for quite some time.

Looking at the bigger picture, some are arguing that the city itself needs to impose limitations on what can and cannot be done while riding the subway. But in a city of panhandlers, street performers and beggars, who can determine - and enforce - more stringent rules?

"We all have a responsibility to treat our subway system and our fellow riders with respect," NYC MTA chairman Jay Walder said.

"This is a system that carries 5 million people a day, and I'm not sure that a ban on food is really practical or enforceable."