Arnold Schwarzenegger's Air Pollution Law Under Review

Mar 24, 2011, 10:47 by David Hope

In 2006, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed California's air pollution law into effect. Today, California state judge has ordered a review of the impact the law has on the state's cap-and-trade system.

The law was challenged by Communities for a Better Environment, a group based in Oakland, and other environmental organizations, the San Jose Mercury News reported. They argued the law could lead to more air pollution in poor neighborhoods.

Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith barred the Air Resources Board from enforcing its regulations drawn from the law without additional review.

"Allowing the most entrenched polluters to increase pollution violates our environmental rights and is not the way to stop poisoning our air and slow catastrophic climate change," said Bill Gallegos, who heads Communities for a Better Environment. "Now the ARB has a chance to do it right and consider real alternatives to pollution trading."

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the law in 2006. It has been unsuccessfully challenged in court by businesses, and several Texas oil companies mounted an unsuccessful effort in 2010 to get it repealed by referendum.

Source: UPI