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Religion Last Updated: Aug 18th, 2010 - 00:20:40

Let�s give the Christians what they want: let�s make America a Christian nation!
By Erica Mathieu
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 18, 2010, 00:16

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Let�s give the Christians what they want: let�s make the United States of America a Christian nation today.

With that, comes a National Church! Guess who is the official head of the National Church of the United States of America, just as the Queen is the head of the Anglican Church of England: you guessed it: Barack Obama, as head of state.

With the National Church comes the removal of the tax-exempt status for all competing churches, if they are not forbidden to practice their faith entirely in the now-Christian-American nation.

Also, lastly a tax shall be placed upon all US citizens to go to the National Church of the United States of America, just as all citizens of the United Kingdom pay a tax to the Anglican Church in that country. Even if you choose not to attend the National Church�s services, you still are fully obliged by law to be taxed to support the National Church.

What�s that, you say? You hate that idea? You like the idea that YOUR individual church gets to practice its own beliefs with NO interference from the state? You like that your church gets a tax-exempt status from the state? You like that you are NOT taxed for state-religious-practice? You hate the idea that Barack Obama is the head of the only church in town? You hate that the state tells your church that state-funded abortion clinics are fine with God?

Then thank your fucking lucky stars that you live in a nation founded by men who understood the tyranny of a so-called �Christian nation.� The Founding Fathers understood the shortcomings of the Anglican Church of England and many of them were descended from people who left England to find RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. The American Founders knew their history well, and understood that almost two full centuries of Reformation-era wars between Catholics and Protestants almost tore old Europe apart and wasted countless lives in some of the most absurdly wasteful blood-letting in history.

There�s a �wall of separation� between church and state in the USA . . . love it or leave it. If you don�t like it, LEAVE!

Erica Mathieu says she is a down-to-earth intelligent French Canadian woman who cares.

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