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Health Last Updated: Mar 20th, 2010 - 22:54:03

Who is the thief?
By Sara S. Dehart
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Mar 20, 2010, 22:49

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Libertarian wesbsites beat the drum for private enterprise and what they term a �free market economy.� Their rallying cry: Get the government out of the people�s business.

Their most recent target is universal health care�s public option that would take revenue away from the insurance industry. Their websites support Ron Paul�s campaign to cut the heart out of Social Security and Medicare with never, ever a word of support for health care for all our citizens who are, in the meantime, providing universal health care for members of Congress, including Dr. Paul, and all Federal officials, particularly the president of the United States, Supreme Court justices and their families. Why is this group privileged while the serfs paying for this largess are denounced as thieves for even contemplating the thought of national health insurance?

Jacob Hornberger is particularly adamant on the rule of nothing for the serfs while he whispers not a word of objection about the health insurance give-aways to members of government. As far back as 2007, Mr. Hornberger posted articles and quotes about the evils of universal or national health insurance coverage for the U.S. general population. One quote is particularly striking:

No one has the right to food, water, shelter, money, or love if he must obtain it at the expense of the owner. Medical care is no more a right than these. Men rightfully obtain goods and services by producing them from nature or by voluntary exchange with others. Man may exchange goods, services, and emotional values, but he must trade to obtain them. Otherwise he is a thief acting against human existenc,e. --Charles W. Johnson (published on the Future of Freedom August 2007,

During that same period, George W. Bush underwent a colonoscopy conducted at Camp David by a proctology team that included an anesthetist, proctologist, enema technician and pathologist -- all paid for by US taxpayers, many of whom cannot afford health insurance for themselves and their families. This simple procedure could have been conducted at a much more reasonable cost at a military hospital in DC. Was a proctology team flown to Camp David so the president�s enema could be given in the privacy of his own bathroom at Camp David?

When Bush threatened to veto the bill passed by both houses for children�s health insurance the Future of Freedom Foundation uttered not a single objection. When then President Bush presented his case for his veto thus: this would be unfair to the insurance industry [and] if children get ill they can be treated at hospital emergency rooms, neither Jacob Hornberger nor Lew Rockwell found any fault with his reasoning.

At no point did Jacob Hornberger object to tax dollars spent on President Bush�s colonoscopy at Camp David rather than at a military facility in Washington, DC. Until Jacob Hornberger and Lew Rockwell, two leading lights of the Libertarian movement, assert that George Bush�s colon is actually worth no more than a common man�s bowel, I will have little respect for them. Neither posted a single article about Bush�s threatened and actual veto of the Children�s Health Insurance Bill.

The current, and flawed, Health Insurance Bill that is before the House and Senate has been largely written to support the insurance industry. If one wants to apply the label thief, then the insurance industry and members of congress who have accepted bribery from that industry are the best candidates.

Sara S. DeHart, MSN, Ph.D. is Associate Professor Emeritus University of MN, School of Nursing. She also served as a Visiting Scholar University of WA. She currently resides in the Northwest and writes about various issues including public health and public policy. See Substituting deception for sound public health policy, in Jerry �Politex� Barrett�s �Big Bush Lies,� (2004) Riverwood Books (117-128). She may be contacted at

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