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Commentary Last Updated: Dec 21st, 2009 - 11:38:12

One man�s look at the global warming horizon
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Dec 21, 2009, 11:26

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Sarah Palin�s recent WP op-ed on climate-change led her from hockey-puck moms to manipulating emails on global warming and calling it �politicized science,� in her words �Climate-gate.� Would �politicized science,� I thought be like �Intelligent Design� or �Creationism,� those blessed miracles and worship of scientific ignorance? If so, my money goes on the reality of global warming and their scientists, including their disagreements as to the nature, pace, and/or total effect of its end game, climate-change.

Both linked articles will give a broader background on these multi-faceted subjects. They are fascinating reading.

Interestingly, in the middle of the Palin and Copenhagen chaos, came an email from Jonathan Mark, my friendly blogger from up north ( with an article he solicited from Craig Hill, former US Senate candidate from Vermont and 9/11 Truther as well. The article is now at 9/, aptly titled Global warming Crises & 9/11 Awareness. Hill came up with a short piece that clearly explained some dire instances of global warming, and compared it as well to 9/11, both problems we need to know about: the first to protect our political health, the second to protect our planet�s health.

Hill�s reasoning goes like this: �The damage done and the power abused by the perpetrators are not confined to the known effects of 9/11, however, but in many other socio-ecological-political realms. For a movement such as 9/11�truth,� born of sensitive antennae, we bear signs of tone-deafness to other dramatic aspects of the oil uber alles bunch as they rampage the globe in suppression of freedom.

�The single greatest fact of our time is that we are well into the 6th Great Extinction. Much if not most of all species currently living will die out over the next dozens of decades due to our anthropocentric Godzillaesque footprint. There is much we can do to stop it, by slowing it down before it takes us with it, but if we cannot loosen the grip of the lunatics in charge, and soon, much of what we think of as �Earth� will be unrecognizable to our distant descendants. . . .�

Ergo, what the 9/11 false-flag op and denying global warming have in common is oil, and gas and coal companies as well, and the desire to quench an unquenchable thirst for these fossil fuels, whose carbon emissions have been observed raising our global temperatures for at least 150 years. Coincidentally, the more the 9/11 perps win their hegemonic hunt for more oil, gas, and �clean coal,� the more the world will use them. And the less we will seek sustainable forms of energy, seriously hurting our planet.

It is interesting, too, that George W. Bush, who navigated the inside job of 9/11, rejected signing the Kyoto accords in his tenure. The accords called for the US to sign, as now they call for China (which also hasn�t signed) to sign. It seems the world�s two largest carbon polluters are still haggling over recognizing the problem, while the Europeans seem focused at the Copenhagen events, as in the past, on what strategies to put into effect ASAP. Effectiveness remains another issue.

As Hill writes, �We have perhaps five years to dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions, including the burning of coal and gasoline via internal combustion, before positive reinforcement of the growth of C02 in the atmosphere begins to blossom exponentially to what it has so far, and life becomes literally unlivable for all but a few tortured members of the species responsible.�

I might add that reducing C02 levels would help in the short run, but it could take significantly more time until it is fully released from under the ice and the oceans. Nevertheless, I�ll take whatever improvement we can achieve.

Hill continues, �Throughout human existence, the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has been atmospherically stable at 280 parts per million. Over the last 100 years, as that admixture has grown to 380 ppm, the greenhouse cap has been placed over the steeping pot and, just as it would on a tepid stove, the ice is melting, rapidly, from pole to pole, ice which is necessary to reflect heat and sunlight back into space. No ice, no reflection, and the poles act as a blotter of the trapped heat, increasing it to the point it releases, as will soon begin in earnest, methane trapped in miles-thick tundra around specifically the northern pole. Methane being about 20 times more powerful, albeit shorter-lived, than a molecule of C02, we near the conditions of a previous Great Extinction caused by equally massive releases of methane into the atmosphere. When C02 concentrations reach 1000 ppm, life as we think of it is pretty much kaput. Consider there are thousands of BILLIONS of TONS of methane trapped in Arctic tundra, and 1000 ppm does not sound at all far-fetched.�

Now, I know Mrs. Palin can see the tundra, snow and ice from her kitchen window, but Hill does shed a bit more light on the landscape�s issues, including methane, which causes 4-9 percent of greenhouse gases, while carbon dioxide adds 9-26 percent, water vapor causes some 36-70 percent, and ozone (03) some 7 percent of greenhouse gases. Clouds can also affect the radiation balance, the first Wiki link reports, being composed of liquid water or ice and, therefore, considered separately from water vapor and other gases.

Hill also points out that �Computer models of the growth of warming since their inception in the late �80s have been consistently understated, which is to say predictions made for 2020 have appeared in 2005, and conditions predicted for 2040 have been up ticked to appear soon. The poles and Greenland, which is the island along with Antarctica which will raise sea levels some three dozen feet worldwide, are melting at a rate 3 1/2 times faster than was predicted as recently as May 2007 (that�s right). Every glacier on Earth is melting completely away; that 40% of the world�s fresh drinking and growing water is dependant on streams soon to go dry is precursor to monumental dislocation, famine and death on a horrifically global scale. One glacier in Bolivia ceased to exist in 2008. The 200,000 consumers of its vanished water have nowhere to go. Rainfall patterns are shifting, which means even more increased drought in many more places than the few we are currently ignoring.�

Let�s hope that�s a wake-up call to the caring to overcome the forces of darkness. Notice, the attempt to discredit material like climate-change due to global warming, came from Mrs. Slightly-To-The-Right-of-Ghengus-Khan, following in Bush�s carbon footprints. But then we see vocal 9/11 Truthers like Alex Jones pooh-poohing global warming as he pronounces the Global Elite as the ones running the oil-and-money show. On the second point, I agree with him. On the first point, I do not.

n fact, Jones appeared on a December 16 Conspiracy Theories TV show (truTV) with host Jessie Ventura and posited global warming as being used by billionaire oilman Maurice Strong along with financier Edward Rothschild, both members of the Global Elite, to control the world economy. To that end, they would like to establish a bank of World Conservation, with its own currency, and use the fund to reduce global warming, and most probably make themselves even richer.

Briefly, the cap and trade vouchers allow a company using more carbon emissions than it has vouchers for, to trade with another company that is emitting less carbon emissions and has vouchers left over. For all the obvious reasons, I don�t think �cap and trade� would really stop abusers. Non-exchangeable fines relative to the amount of overproduction would be a better solution.

Returning to Hill, he says, �The oceans can absorb no more of the heat we are so idiotically creating. They have reached the suffocation point to the degree the plankton, that basic foodstuff of the seas, is dying. The oceans will eventually emit more greenhouse gases than they are soaking up unless we stop our furnace-blast activities and institute renewables immediately, an imminently achievable short-term goal.�

Now there is an equally scary thought, that the ocean running out of food for the sustenance of its bounty. There is mention of smaller, less hearty plankton in the first Wiki article, but no specific mention of the speed of depletion.

Hill also goes on to mention the creation of deserts via global warming. �Deserts around the world are spreading north and south from the equator. Earthworms, a reliable canary in this coalmine, are dying as the soil turns to sand. High nighttime temperatures, the hallmark of warming, are parching the formerly moist Midwest soil. Beijing has a desert right outside the city limits because its top-down beauracracy of political control is too institutionally myopic to grasp what it�s doing to itself. While the Amazon, the lungs of the planet, is being rapidly clear cut, the soil is desertifying, and once soil goes to sand (see the Sahara) it doesn�t come back.�

Deforestation remains a good part of global warming, given that green plants absorb C02 for photosynthesis and emit oxygen in the process. As I said, I�ll take the scientist�s truth not the witch doctor�s trance, as Mrs. Palin did, to help voodoo her way into the US vice presidency, with presidential hopeful John McCain.

Lastly, Hill sums up his global warming/9/11 metaphor, �Despite all of this, or because none of it is being recognized, we think our most important goal is to get the [9/11] perps destroying our rights, and we are right, but for much greater reason than the merely wimpy human one that one form of governance is superior than another. As our fight goes on the world shrivels and desiccates. The realizations of 9/11 go hand-in-hand with warming in that, as we press our prime issue to bring down corporate government in toto -- like a skyscraper in its own footprint -- we do so, unknowingly, to stop the wars for oil responsible for the bipartisan policy that caused traitors to orchestrate 9/11 in the first place: So that we may move into the Age of Biology, to eliminate dirty 20th century energy in favor of clean green 21st century sustainable energy, to get a handle on warming, to ameliorate the great death-wish of its apocalyptic promoters, who are no less than the perps of 9/11, and who as with 9/11 have shrouded the evil effects of warming in unscientific myth and lie as they have poorly though successfully covered up the vast multiplicity of their other crimes.�

He concludes, �Imagine how much more urgent and, yes, even energetic we would be if we understood even more the good cause we must win.�

Bottom line, Hill�s comments make broad geopolitical sense for the restoration of peace and our republic. And they make eminent good sense for the reduction of global warming. Remember, too, greenhouse effects are not just about gases, but global aerosols, soot, and solar variations. Thus, in the light of future mumbo jumbo re �Climate-Gate� or global warming being an urban legend, fuhgeddaboudit. Double fuhgeddaboudit. And let the lady from Alaska go back to her kitchen window and call to Putin across the tundra, like one of the wolves she loves to kill from her chopper, and ask him to do what he can to ameliorate global warming as well. Also, tell her to get a better op-ed writer, one who doesn�t sound quite as Repuglican-on-point as the last one.

As WP Op-Ed Editor Autumn Brewington who ran Palin�s op-ed, she ought to resign and go to work for Rupert Murdoch, the emperor of jingo journalism.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York City. Reach him at His new book, State Of Shock: Poems from 9/11 on� is available at, Amazon or

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