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Commentary Last Updated: Feb 17th, 2009 - 02:04:26

A democratic state: In Palestine, and the U.S.A.
By Frank Scott
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Feb 17, 2009, 00:19

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The Jewish state of Israel was anti-democratic from its inception, though the lie calling it the only democracy in the region has become truth for the criminal, the ignorant and the insane. Unfortunately, that unholy trio still wields power, but it represents minority control of a failing system which is bringing the world closer to major loss of social and environmental life.

The democratic majority must take control from these seriously disturbed forces, and not just in Israel, before they bring further destruction not only to one state, but to civilization.

Textbook behavior that is called insanity when practiced by individuals is more deadly when practiced by states. America�s policy towards Israel has been endless repetition of failed practice for more than 60 years and it approaches homicidal madness. More than the Middle East is threatened if America keeps repeating uncritical and costly support for the Jewish state.

Israel is armed with nuclear weapons and is founded on a cultural narrative of doom that sees all others as potential mass murderers of what is believed to be, in contradiction of science and logic, a Jewish race. Hopefully they can be disarmed by democratic power, but their continued denial of democracy unless it means perpetuation of their rule can only force more deadly measures. The Jewish colonial state that was once Palestine must eventually become a democratic state of all its people, so it may again be the place where Christians, Jews and Muslims live in peace, before a European master race ideology brutalized a nation. That ideology threatens to destroy much more in order to maintain a state and a system which will bring global disaster if we allow it to continue. But without democracy in the USA, chances of achieving it in Palestine may be impossible.

Expressions of sadness by a minority of American Jews who profess disillusionment with Israel, but still use a collective �we� when speaking of that foreign nation, must be replaced with political action by a majority of all Americans. They need to deal with supposed political representatives of the American people who use that same collective �we� when speaking of the Jewish state, answering its needs at the cost of American dollars and safety.

It is the American government and American tax dollars that finance that racially pure state, that arm its military and support every murderous action it undertakes against a colonized people. And it must be understood that the overwhelming majority of Americans and their supposed representatives are not Jewish. It is the responsibility of all, not simply Jewish Americans, to put a stop to the immorality. The havoc we wreak is heavily influenced by Jewish political and financial power, but it is craven cowardice and greed on the part of our politicians, more than 90 percent of whom are not Jewish, and pathetic weakness on the part of American citizens, more than 90 percent of whom are not Jewish, that allows it to continue.

More important than any of the dozens of minorities that claim membership in a separate race, tribe or ethnicity -- an idea strengthened by identity group culture and the divide and rule politics of affirmative hyphenation -- is the collective majority of American money and military power which perpetuates the apartheid state, destroys nations and regimes for its benefit, and creates the weapons with which Palestinians and others in the area are murdered. The hatred which this inspires is not subject to identity group hyphenation; it simply amounts to hatred for America and Americans. And it is the un-hyphenated American people, not one identity group, who must take responsibility to create substantial change before it is too late.

The move to Boycott, Divest and Sanction has been invigorated by nations that not only criticized the slaughter in Gaza, but recalled ambassadors and threatened to sever diplomatic relations with Israel. Now, American labor unions, municipalities and other institutions must be pressured to stop investing in Israel, purchasing its stocks and bonds to finance its racial supremacy. They should follow the lead of the Congress of South African Trade Unions. When COSATU calls the situation in Palestine worse than what they experienced under apartheid, it is long past time for tolerance or excuses from any who consider themselves humanitarian supporters of social justice for all, and not just some.

And that policy should be carried out against politicians who represent Israeli interests before those of the USA. They must be publicly identified and sanctioned, with no fear of the retaliatory name-calling, and political and financial pressure which will result. Whatever identity group may be claimed by some politicians, too often they perform for Israel with little regard even for their alleged group. When the governor of New York and the mayor of Los Angeles shamefully parade in public as supporters of the slaughter in Gaza, they should not be regarded as friends of any Americans, no matter the ethnic or racial hyphenation they hide behind. It is their performance as Americans that is disgraceful, if not traitorous, when they do harm to this country in order to serve the interest of another. Our cultural diversity is a unique American strength, but when it is used as a weapon to advance immoral policy at the expense of the majority, it becomes a deadly weakness.

All politicians must be identified as working for Israel when that is what they are doing, and pressured to begin representing American interests, or be boycotted, divested and sanctioned out of office. This must be done now, with purpose and conviction and without fear. Anything less will not only mean continued bloodshed and misery in the Middle East, but the strong possibility that it will come home to all Americans, and without any safety or concern for those of us who try to hide behind our hyphenated Americanism.

Copyright � 2009 Frank Scott. All rights reserved.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears in the Coastal Post, a monthly publication from Marin County, California, and on numerous web sites, and on his shared blog at Contact him at

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