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Commentary Last Updated: Sep 2nd, 2008 - 00:50:53

America: Zionist colony
By Frank Scott
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Sep 2, 2008, 00:14

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�The Zionist power configuration�s primary loyalty is to the state of Israel and its policy is designed to colonize the US congress . . . to the benefit of the �mother country,� Israel.� --James Petras

James Petras addresses a problem rarely discussed, except in whispers, unquestioned support for Israel. He mentions congress, but the executive has also been �colonized.� Major party candidates, whether bowing before the American Israel lobby in Washington or praying before the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, are evidence enough. The dominance of this �Zionist Power Configuration� is a very serious problem for Americans who remain generally unaware of its existence.

That power bloc has great control of government and media as well, and its political organizations bring enormous pressure on publications or individuals expressing criticism of Israel, quickly labeled anti-Semitic. If that criticism extends to questioning some aspects of the Nazi persecution of Jews, made even more horrible with constant repetition, they are labeled Holocaust deniers. This heresy not only endangers individual freedoms, but the fate of nations, as the case of Ahmadinejad and Iran clearly shows.

America�s global position has establishment groups battling for control of foreign policy. Sectors of the old white Anglo Saxon protestant (WASP) ruling class see dedication to the Jewish state endangering empire and are in a struggle with the newer Jewish power bloc. This clash of political mafias will hardly bring peace, but it has already brought out much about the previously unmentionable. Support for a colonial state that brutalizes its native population enough to shock survivors of South African apartheid can only continue with Americans kept in complete ignorance.

Under a propaganda regime that depicts innocent Jews savaged by evil Palestinians, the U.S. massively finances and arms the Jewish state, while destroying other Middle Eastern countries on its behalf. Jewish persecution of Palestinians is somehow deemed acceptable because Nazis persecuted Jews. This illogical and morally degenerate policy has colonials settling where they believe they originated -- with no evidence save mythology -- and calling themselves Semitic natives, while the Semitic people who�ve lived there for centuries are expelled, made refugees, and called anti-Semitic terrorists when they resist.

This would be the ultimate black comedy if it were not so dangerous to all humanity. Israel is run by some seriously disturbed people; we are not dealing with an individual nutcase waving an ax, but with leaders of a state waving nuclear weapons -- which nobody is supposed to know they have -- and motivated by a cultural narrative which has it that everyone not Jewish is ultimately dedicated to murdering everyone who is Jewish.

A long history of suffering, both real and legendary, culminated in the dreadful Nazi treatment of Jews in the 20th century, a terrible event that has become the fundamentalist Holocaust religion. Its existential notion of pending doom has created a movement to destroy critics of any tenets of the faith. Such �thought crimes� can lead to social ostracism, professional failure and prison. For the Zionists, the Jewish Holocaust religion and the Jewish secular state are joined in necessity and meaning; one does not exist without the other, making it all the more difficult for reason, humanity or democracy to function when dealing with such contradictory fundamentalism.

The Zionist movement originating in a 19th century desire for a national Jewish homeland has evolved into a belief that biblical mythology �proves� European Jewish origins in Palestine. Religious freedom allows belief in any immaterialism we wish, even that the tooth fairy is responsible for modern dentistry. But when such mythology becomes the foundation for national policy, we are lowered to the mental status of primitive apes, but physically wielding nuclear weapons of mass destruction and not harmless war clubs.

How can Americans tolerate this in the midst of a severe economic crisis and while carrying a colossal and growing debt which can never be paid? Only under mind management that convinces us all our problems originate outside America, and that Israel is our most important ally. An individual believing such nonsense would be judged insane and institutionalized. Our society is programmed to treat delusions as real, lies as the truth, and psychotic behavior as evidence of mental health.

Once the Zionists achieved the destruction of Iraq their focus became Iran, with the most incredible claims fed to a public about that nation�s leader and policies. Ahmadinejad, having sinned against the Holocaust religion by hosting a conference on that untouchable topic, has been transformed into a demonic monster who threatens Americans and Jews everywhere. He is called a nuclear madman who will exterminate Israel, based on a repeatedly twisted quote and oblivious of the facts of thousands of Jews living quite well in Iran. But the Zionist bloc brings us closer to war, writing belligerent legislation aimed at Iran and getting it rubber-stamped by hundreds of its colonials in the American, not Israeli, congress.

Tales of the Iranian threat stem from the same feverish source of psychotic fears and supernatural beliefs that transform Israel from a nightmare for Palestinians into a theme park for Jews. It is more vital than ever that we put a stop to this madness, but electing a new member of the colonized population to the presidency, whether in the USA or Palestine, will not make a substantial difference. Rather than minor change at the top, we need major democratic action by the whole population for a peaceful solution.

The colonization of American government will only end with creation of a real 50-state democracy in the U.S.A., which could help bring about a real one state democracy in Palestine. Unfortunately, anything less will mean much more pain and suffering, possibly of epic proportions. And not only in Palestine and not only for Jews.

Copyright � 2008 Frank Scott. All rights reserved.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears in the Coastal Post, a monthly publication from Marin County, California, and on numerous web sites, and on his shared blog at Contact him at

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