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Commentary Last Updated: Nov 21st, 2005 - 23:13:55

The battle is join�d: Bush the Lesser goes to war
By Gary Cleek
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Nov 18, 2005, 20:14

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It is now obvious that the Bush Administration used Friday the Eleventh of November, the day to commemorate the ending of one war, to start yet another, this one with his own people and country.

Rather than admit the error of his ways and ask the American people to forgive him for lying about the Bush-Iraq War, Mr. Bush did what Karl Rove, his General Tactician, always has him do. Deny the truth and accuse the opposition of being unpatriotic. It has been the standard GOP war plan for the past 30 years. In following this advice the president continues the fateful journey of his Presidency along the chaotic path of a King Lear.

The comparisons are painfully unavoidable. Karl Rove is the Fool. Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are Bush�s Goneril and Regan. However, with all due apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, there is one rewrite that is required. There is no Cordelia. Her part must be incorporated into a hybrid Lear/Narcissus protagonist.

Up to now the plot lines between fact and fiction have been practically indistinguishable. We have a leader clearly in love with himself at the expense of all others in his realm. He gets his advice from a fool who babbles and mutters in a form of doublespeak. Not being up to the challenge of governing he gives his power and authority to two subordinates. They in turn, in their frailty and weakness, drive the country into chaos and despair with their greed and lust for power.

There is no happy ending to Lear. The best that can be said is that Lear does finally see how wrong he was and truly repents. But that cannot stop his destruction or the destruction of his world. We have not yet reached the final act of our real life morality play. We may still be able to overcome the madness and put an end to the chaos and death before it consumes us all.

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