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Elections & Voting Last Updated: Jan 4th, 2007 - 01:08:31

Bush�s election-eve America 2006: Disenfranchised, false-flagged and still stupid
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Associate Editor

Nov 1, 2006, 00:47

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On November 7, 2006, American citizens will be engaged in an exhausting host of insane behaviors known as voting, despite the fact that the corporations and criminal operatives that have pre-scripted and stolen every election since 2000 for the George W. Bush machine remain untouched. Welcome back to hell, again.

The march of Bush�s machines

The American vote count is controlled by four hard-wired Republican/neocon corporations: Diebold, ESS, Sequoia, and SAIC.

Every single aspect of every election is controlled and manipulated, by these corporations, with help from corrupt politicians and officials, the corporate media and, lest anyone forget, the US Supreme Court.

Absolutely nothing has changed since the stolen election of 2004, despite the courageous efforts of Black Box Voting and other watchdogs who fight the most uphill battle there could possibly be. Ominously, according to some estimates, some 80 percent of the 2006 mid-term vote will be done over electronic systems.

The corporations that installed Bush, and kept his apparatus in power, have not only remain untouched, they have become more firmly entrenched, the noise and complaints about accountability notwithstanding Their voting systems are being sold all over the world, to rig elections in every country.

The smug George W. Bush, as he did prior to the 2000, 2002 and 2004 election thefts, has begun gloating again. He and Karl Rove are confident that their criminal empire will not be displaced, barring the total elimination of the apparatus in place, or an unlikely reversal of course, agreed upon by the New World Order�s highest levels.

When you play fair in a rigged game, it doesn�t matter how hard you work, or even what you do. Insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result.

And Americans still expect different results, every two years. In a current radio commercial on Air America Radio, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (co-host of Air America�s �Ring of Fire� program), correctly blasts away at the four Republican-connected corporations that stole the 2004 election, and still control every aspect of the American election count. To prevent the 2008 election from being stolen, Kennedy encourages listeners to go the polls to vote for a Democratic Congress in 2006.

Meanwhile, the African-American community has done nothing politically to fight the empire that used well-documented, targeted criminal means to disenfranchise it in every election since 2000. Not even after the genocidal crimes committed in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have been enough to arouse outrage, even as New Orleans remains dead and unrebuilt, its African-American neighborhoods reduced to that of a Third World state. New Orleans� Ninth Ward remains a wasteland of poverty and decay, still ignored by the federal government, held together only by courageous local activists who have taken it upon themselves and each other to stay alive.

Stupidity and denial

Tragically, even college educated Americans today lack critical thinking. The top students of America�s top universities are failing in basic civics. Think where this leaves the rest of the country.

Beyond this mass ignorance, there is an ever-greater obstacle: denial. Denial that allows even those who grasp the truth to still turn away, and still do nothing about the hijacking and gutting of their country from right under their noses.

Staying the course into oblivion, under either faction

If Bush-Cheney forces steal a fourth consecutive US election, and successfully maintain a Republican stranglehold on Congress, nothing changes. America is dead.

America is still dead if the equally criminal and equally complicit Democrats, beholden to the same corporate elites, manage to grab some congressional seats (or find a way to make the voting machine technology work for their side), for their neoliberal war machine.

Arguably, a neoliberal US government could be even worse. The fascism will go down the throats of dumbed-down America that much easier, as smoothly as the speeches of Barack Obama. Obama, who fully backed Bush�s decision to invade Iraq (to topple �bad� Saddam Hussein), and is a proponent of attacks on Iran and Pakistan, as well as an even more aggressive �war on terrorism,� is being sold around the country as a savior.

The insidious Democratic Party line is crystallized in this talking-point memo from Hillary Clinton�s office:

�America is less secure because Republicans have lost control of national security -- they have failed to stop North Korea�s aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons, and they stubbornly stay the course in Iraq, a country that has never had nuclear weapons. New leadership is needed to regain control over national security and change the course in Iraq so that we can keep America safe from its real threats.�

Whether or not the Democrats regain seats, count on the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the neoliberal faction to make inroads during Bush�s lame duck years. Count on such horrors as multinational UN military operations into such targets as oil-rich  Darfur, using similar pretexts as the Clinton era "humanitarian intervention" into Bosnia and Kosovo. The chances of a more overtly hostile policy on Korea also increase, if the hawkish policies of William Perry are revived.

Under either faction, count on the United States continuing, and even escalating, its �war on terrorism� and continue its sequential military conquests and resource wars, as Peak Oil makes itself even more rudely felt (once temporary artificial controls are removed, post-election). America will go off the cliff with a dull half-smile.

The winner of the 2006 election is: 9/11

The Bush administration undoubtedly has new 9/11s and new false flag operations lined up in its terror and propaganda pipeline. But there is one good reason why no �big one� on US soil has taken place in years, and no �October surprise� was necessary to steal away this election: the shock effect of 9/11/01 remains so effective, a new one has not been necessary.

The �terrorism� myth is embedded deeply into minds of Americans across the social strata. At a major fall 2006 investment conference, the majority of attendees surveyed, all well-heeled Wall Street professionals, supported the US invasion and conquest of Iraq -- despite the fact that the intelligence was faulty or falsified -- while questioning the execution of the policy.

More ominously, most of those surveyed favored the use of torture. Alberto Gonzales and his murder and torture agenda really does reflect the values of some people in this country. Fear of �terrorism� in America, and the willing embrace of a police state, is greater than ever.

Rank and file Americans may dislike or even despise Bush for a variety of reasons, and have vague, nagging ill-defined bad gut feelings about Iraq (but not the toppling of Saddam Hussein). Corruption is so commonplace, that CNN airs a regular program called "Broken Government."

But when it comes to the essence of the �war on terrorism,� America has completely surrendered and abdicated to the Empire�s criminals, who continue to turn to the �terrorism� card to garner votes. Even Bush�s approval rating still rises every time his disinformation offices evoke 9/11 and �terrorism.�

The American masses, ignorant before 9/11, were terminally dumbed by the 9/11 attack, locked into a perpetual state of fear; eternal prisoners to the most insidious red herring in history. The 2006 election revolves around �security,� and which faction does a better job �making America safer�; which side does a better job cementing fascism into place.

False flag operations and you

Throughout American history, the US government created criminal pretexts in order to provide the justification to wage war.

  • 1898 Spanish-American war (�Remember the Maine�)

  • 1915 World War I (sinking of the Lusitania)

  • 1941 World War II (Pearl Harbor)

  • 1950 Korean War (provoked by South Korea)

  • 1962 Cuba (Operation Northwoods)

  • 1964 Vietnam (Gulf Of Tonkin)

  • 1983 Grenada invasion (Operation Urgent Fury)

  • 1986 Bombing Of Libya (La Belle Discotheque)

  • 1989 Panama (Drugs and Noriega)

  • 1991 Iraq War (provoked by George H.W. Bush)

  • 1999 NATO attack on Yugoslavia

  • 2001 9/11

Not one of these incidents has been addressed and exposed, despite the fact that every one of them is fully documented historical fact.

No notable US government officials or operatives have been appropriately punished for these acts. Each event, and government propaganda constructed around the events, successfully primed and pushed the American populace into paroxysms of foaming-at-the-mouth hatred towards phantom enemies, and into full support for war.

If the past six years of war and hell have not been enough, there�s more to come, perhaps in the form of a Gulf of Tonkin-type incident to pave the way for an attack on Iran.

Hitler�s Third Reich was not an aberration. It is not any different today in America, which marches to the uninterrupted drumbeat of its neofascist (neocon and neoliberal) elites; elites that do not permit elections, or count votes.

Setting the stage for a stolen Venezuelan election

Once the US election is successfully manipulated, the next big election will take place in December in Venezuela. This election will not only decide the fate of Venezuela and the hemisphere, but the control of the world�s energy supplies, and the resource lifeline of the United States.

In a blatant attempt at manipulation ahead of the December election in Venezuela, as part of the larger plan to topple and undermine the presidency of Hugo Chavez, the insidious Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has now begun "investigating" Venezuelan connections to Sequoia Voting Systems.

The twists and turns of this story are tracked in this forum: Who Actually Owns Sequoia? According to reports, Sequoia was acquired by Smartmatic, which was chosen by Venezuela to replace its ESS voting machines in 2004. The Chavez administration has fought to prevent the hacking of the Venezuelan election by the US (thus, the perceived threat, and the action by the Committee on Foreign Investments).

It is no surprise that the US government is seeking to have it both ways. It wants to rig elections electronically, but only if its own operatives are in charge. If they are not, they will wail to the heavens about corruption and �security threats.�

Mainstream US news coverage has attempted to plant the idea that Chavez is "trying to steal US elections." The fact is Chavez is trying to stop the Venezuelan election from being stolen.

One has to wonder why the Chavez administration has agreed to using electronic systems at all. No electronic voting system is safe. Only paper is, and only if supported by ethical officials and poll workers (unlikely) and overseen by enlightened and ethical administrations (extremely unlikely), in places devoid of corruption and interference (nowhere to be found).

Meanwhile, American vote-theft corporations continue to peddle electronic systems throughout Latin America and the developing world. Oh, the wonders of technology.

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