2013 Dodge Dart coming soon

Dec 7, 2011, 11:02 by R.E. Christian

Chrysler Group LLC said Tuesday that a 2013 model Dodge Dart would be offered to U.S. consumers as a replacement to the Dodge Caliber hatchback.

The Dart, a compact sedan, will be back at least in name, and built at the Belvidere, Ill, assembly plant, where the Caliber is currently built.

The Caliber has had disappointing sales, The Detroit News reported. Chrysler said the new Dart would be "a thoroughly modern vehicle that's fuel-efficient, beautifully designed and crafted, agile and brings fun back to driving in the segment."

The original Dart appeared in 1960 and was continued through 1976 with a total of 4 million vehicles sold.

The original was considered an inexpensive workhorse that was eventually sold in a fleet taxi and police car versions.

Source: UPI