John Lennon's Tooth Up for Auction in England

Oct 26, 2011, 07:57 by R.E. Christian

A tooth said to have belonged to the late John Lennon is up for auction in England, with a reserve bidding price of just under $16,000.

"We get a lot of people buying memorabilia as investments," said Karen Fairweather, the owner of Omega Auction house. "Or it could just be a fan that really, really wants a part of John Lennon."

The molar was reportedly given to Dorothy "Dot" Jarlett by Lennon when she worked for him as a housekeeper, CNN reported.

"She was very close with John, and one day whilst chatting in the kitchen, John gave my mother the tooth [he had been to the dentist to have it removed that day] and suggested giving it to my sister as a souvenir, as she was a huge Beatles fan. It has been in the family ever since," said Barry Jarlett, Dorothy's son.

Barry Jarlett said his mother, who is now 90 years old, said it was the right time to pass it on rather than risk it being lost.

Fairweather said the tooth is too delicate to conduct a DNA test to match it to the former Beatle, but she has no doubt it is authentic.

"Because it's coming directly from Dot, we don't doubt the provenance of the item," she said.

The auction of the tooth with be Nov. 5 in England.

Source: UPI