Mythbusters accident sends cannonball soaring through residential home

Dec 8, 2011, 07:32 by R.E. Christian

A cannonball fired by TV's "Mythbusters" team during an experiment soared through a California house, but didn't injure anyone, the Los Angeles Times reported.

People working on the Discovery Channel show Tuesday launched the cannonball from a bomb range in Dublin, about 35 miles east of San Francisco, expecting it to hit a target made of trash cans.

Instead, the cannonball zipped through a house 700 yards away, leaving a 10-inch hole in the bedroom wall as the homeowners slept, then struck the roof of another house and bounced across four lanes of traffic before finally crashing through the window of a parked minivan, the Times said.

No injuries were reported.

The newspaper said the show was researching whether materials other than cannonballs are effective weapons when fired from a cannon.

There was no word on whether stars Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were part of the incident.

Source: UPI