Harold Camping Claims World Will End on Friday

Oct 21, 2011, 10:21 by R.E. Christian

A Christian radio group in California said it expects the rapture to occur before the end of the day Friday.

Harold Camping's Family Radio International, which previously spent $100 million on an advertising campaign predicting the world would end May 21, said the "Day of Judgment" began on that date and will end Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"This is all describing a spiritual reality," a message posted to the group's Web site reads. "God's elect are still physically wherever they happen to be in the world; but spiritually, He has gathered them all together by the act of saving them and brought them into His bed chamber -- awaiting the very last day (October 21, 2011)."

Camping was hospitalized following a stroke in June but has since returned to the radio. He has predicted the apocalypse several times, including a date in 1994.

Source: UPI