Livermore Light Bulb Turns 110 Years Old

Jun 17, 2011, 07:58 by R.E. Christian

Livermore, Calif., is preparing the 110th birthday celebration of the nation's longest-burning light bulb.

The 4-watt "Centennial Light," which hangs from the rafters of Livermore's Fire Station No. 6, will be feted this weekend with a film screening, live music, a balloon drop, book signings and a birthday cake expected to draw visitors from all around the world, the Walnut Creek Contra Costa Times reported Thursday.

The festivities begin Friday with a screening of "Century of Light," a film about the eternal bulb.

Manufactured by the Shelby Electric Co. of Ohio, the bulb was donated by Livermore Power and Light Co. owner Dennis Bernal to the Livermore Fire Department in 1901.

The bulb has been monitored around the clock by a webcam since its 100th birthday 10 years ago, the newspaper said.

Source: UPI