Anderson Cooper Claims Fox's Hannity Distorted Words

Apr 27, 2011, 10:36 by John Steele

CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper took to his news desk Tuesday night, claiming the Fox News distorted his words to make a point about media bias.

The spat started when Fox News host Sean Hannity aired a special about media bias, using clips of Cooper's show, among others. According to the Associated Press, Fox aired a clip of Cooper saying that a former U.S. ambassador in Africa, Joseph Wilson, was "the victim of a Bush administration smear campaign."

Cooper says that if Fox aired his full report, it was clear he was reporting Wilson's claim of a smear campaign--not saying it himself.

In Cooper's broadcast Tuesday night, the anchor claimed that he chooses his words very carefully and was angered by the broadcast.

"[I] don't like it when someone cuts around [my words] to make it seem like I'm saying something that I'm not."

Hannity's executive producer, John Finley, had no comment Tuesday.