Knockout Game Blamed for Man's Death

Apr 21, 2011, 13:45 by David Hope

Authorities say a man beaten to death in St. Louis may have been the victim of a "knockout game" involving unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders.

The alderman representing the neighborhood where Hoang D. Nguyen, 72, was fatally beaten said police believe the attackers were part of a group targeting people across the city, the St. Louis Post-dispatch reported.

Elex Levell Murphy, 18, has been charged with one count each of first-degree murder and first-degree assault in the attack on Nguyen and his wife Yen, the newspaper said.

In an interview after being arrested Tuesday, Murphy allegedly told authorities the attack was part of what he called the "knockout game," which targets innocent people.

Alderman Jennifer Florida said she has been told the Nguyens were victims of a group that has targeted others.

"I have learned in the last few days that there is a group of kids that randomly pick victims and prey on the vulnerable, and this is happening all over the city," Florida said.

Police said they were still seeking three other suspects -- a man and two women in their teens or 20s -- in the attack.

Source: UPI