Alien Corpse in Viral Video Was Made of Bread and Chicken

Apr 20, 2011, 16:47 by Greg Stacy

An "alien corpse" that recently appeared in a widely-circulated video clip has been revealed as a hoax.

The video, shot in the Siberian town of Kamensk, showed the alleged frozen remains of an alien from a crashed UFO. But when the police visited the home of the video's maker, he confessed that the creature was actually a prop made out of chicken and bread and given a coat of paint.

The video quickly went viral after the UFO news site, All News Web, posted an English translation on YouTube on April 17th. The site claimed that the video was evidence of the government covering up of a UFO crash.

Soon the story was circulating all over the web that a lifeless alien body had been found in southern Siberia following reports of a "pink and blue glowing object" which crashed from the sky. It was reported that Russia's Emergencies Ministry staff were investigating the incident, and search and rescue teams found no sign of a crashed aircraft.

Within three days, the video had more than three million views. For a while it was the most-watched clip on YouTube and thousands of commenters were furiously arguing about its legitimacy.

But now, mere days after the clip first appeared online, it has already been debunked.

The alien story began to fall apart when the chief editor of the Kamensk-Info newspaper saw the clip. He feared that the strange-looking creature could actually be the corpse of a child, so he immediately called the police. The police soon found the filmmaker, who went by the YouTube name of SashafromBaikal. Under questioning, he admitted the hoax.

The news website Russia Today reports that the man won't face any legal punishment. Of course, some die-hard conspiracy buffs are already claiming that the chicken sandwich extraterrestrial is just another cover story.