White House Replica Officially Goes on Sale

Apr 13, 2011, 09:16 by R.E. Christian

If you've always loved the White House, you're in luck.  An exact replica of the presidential home is officially on sale in McLean, VA for $4.65 million. 

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous according to the Washington Post, built the house in 1996 because he is a Vietnamese immigrant.

He wanted to "pay tribute to America's history and culture. The U.S. took him in." said Chu Nguyen, the home's realtor.

The public listing for the home describes it as 12,000 square feet of presidential living, including replicas of the Lincoln bedroom, the Oval Office, a home theater, a wine cellar, and every other architectural detail the real White House has to offer.

Architect Robert Burns worked on the plans for the home over the course of three years. The actual scale of the home is somewhat smaller then the real White House, however the new buyer will also become the proud owner of movie memorabilia, as the home was used as the White House set in Will Smith's hit film "Independence Day."

When asked why the owner has decided to sell, Nguyen said that the owner's two children have grown up and are gone, so the huge home has become a bit of an empty nest.