Ch-47 Chinook Helicopter: Aerial Weapon Against Nuclear Disaster

Mar 18, 2011, 06:13

The Boeing Ch-47 Chinook Helicopter is one of the most utilized helicopters in the world - but this week, the Ch-47 took center stage as a unique tool. The Chinook has become as one of the most important weapons in the war on radiation leaks coming from Japan's troubled power plants.

Earlier this week, the Pentagon said American military forces were not allowed within 50 miles of the plant. This included the use of the Ch-47 Chinook Helicopter.

White steam was seen rising above the stricken facilities, military officials decided against exposing helicopter crews to the radiation.

On Thursday though, the aerial assault on the reactors began with military crews hovering their helicopters above the nuclear reactor core housing. The Chinooks then began dumping water down to keep exposed fuel rods cool.

On Friday, Japanese and nuclear experts continued their efforts to contain the nuclear disaster.