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Politics Last Updated: Mar 4th, 2011 - 13:46:47

Matt Damon: Obama Misinterpreted His Mandate
Caroline Lorraine

Mar 4, 2011, 13:44

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Is Matt Damon an Obama fan?  Not quite.  In an interview on CNN's �Piers Morgan Tonight� Morgan asked Damon if he was a fan of President Obama and if he was happy with the way he has been running the country.  

Damon replied with a simple �no,� adding, �I really think he misinterpreted his mandate.�

Damon discussed a variety of issues regarding Obama, including poverty.

�In his State of the Union he didn�t even say the word �poverty,�� he said. �You�ve got millions of people languishing in it.�

Damon participates in, a nonpartisan organization which focuses on the issue of getting clean water to impoverished people around the world.

Damon also shared his opinion of the US being in Afghanistan. �I don�t think the mission there has been very well articulated. And I think it would help to kind of reframe the way we�re thinking about being there and why we�re there,� he said.

Despite his criticisms for the president, Damon said that he believes the president is a brilliant man, but that he �definitely wanted more� from him.

In the past, Damon was very vocal about his disapproval of Sarah Palin and her vice-presidential candidacy in an interview on CBS. He famously said her candidacy could be compared to a �bad Disney movie.�

Damon�s newest film, �The Adjustment Bureau,� will be released on Friday.

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