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Scott Brown Uses 60 Minutes to Share Story of Abuse
Eric Hope

Feb 18, 2011, 16:18

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Scott Brown and Lesley Stahl sit down during this Sunday's 60 Minutes episode on CBS, and in a telling interview, Brown shares his story of being a victim of physical and sexual abuse as a child. The interview will be aired just one day before Scott Brown's new biography, "Against All Odds," is due to hit bookstore shelves.

Brown uses both the interview and his new book to describe how his many stepfathers had kicked and abused him. Later, he chronicles sexual abuse at the hands of a camp counselor who threatened to kill Brown if he ever said anything about the abuse.

The most shocking revelation may be that Brown has never shared the stories of abuse with anyone, including his own mother or wife.

Citizens of Massachusetts, the Commonwealth in which Brown now resides as Senator, weighed in recently to discuss whether or not the book and interview are being used for personal or political reasons.

With reactions mixed, most conservatives felt that Brown has done a good job to date of acquiring more confidence in his post since election and therefore wouldn't need to write the book or tell the story to win more public appeal. As you may expect the liberal participants in an online discussion hosted by The Boston Herald thought that the move was more politically oriented - suggesting that Brown may have higher aims for his political career.

One common speculation from both sides of the political spectrum is that Brown could use the story of sexual assault to make a harder case against state laws against sex offenders. Doing so would not show his vested interest, but would likely produce more public attention and involvement towards the effort.

Since news broke of the sexual abuse claims, many have begun to dig through Brown's past. The most common thought is that the sexual abuse and counselor are from Good News Camp in Sandwich, Massachusetts. No statement from that camp or the staff has been made in response to the claims.

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