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New Bible Will Be Without "Booty" and "Virgin"
David Hope
Mar 3, 2011, 16:21

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A new bible published with the help of a leading catholic organization will be without a couple choice words. While words like "booty" may seem silly - imagine the stories contained in the bible without the word "virgin" being used.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has confirmed that its 2011 translation of the Bible will omit the word "booty" from a verse and replace "virgin" with "young woman."

The bishops group, based in Washington, said the latest edition of the New American Bible, due out March 9, will be more accurate and more accessible than previous versions, USA Today reported Wednesday.

Among the changes in the new version, which was compiled by a team of 50 scholars and translators assisted by language experts, theologians and bishops, is the replacing of the word "booty" with "spoils" of war. The word booty, which has become American slang for buttocks, has been known to elicit snickers from school children.

The 2011 version also replaces the word "virgin" in Isaiah 7:14 with "the young woman," explaining the original Hebrew word, almah, may or may not refer to a virgin.

"We needed a new translation because English is a living language," said Richard Sklba, the retired auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee and part of the New American Bible's review and editing team.

Source: UPI

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