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Analysis Last Updated: Jan 25th, 2006 - 22:27:02

Real international terrorism: How and why the West supports terrorism
By Roy Naganathan
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jan 25, 2006, 22:24

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Voltaire wrote, �It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." Since September 11, 2001, the world has changed dramatically due to the climate of trepidation instilled in Western society and the excessive use of military force, which has not been as overt since the Cold War era.

Western society is indoctrinated into believing, with religious conviction, that terrorism is an act only non-Western countries, such as Syria or Iran, ostensibly commit. The mainstream media and the governments of the West vehemently insist that miscreants attack our society because they hate �freedom� and �democracy." However there is convincing evidence that proves �terrorist groups� commit acts of violence out of desperation and retaliation. The subversive groups lash out at institutions they feel have oppressed and marginalized them. The majority of the Western public is oblivious to the fact their own countries support state terrorism and the �terrorists� of the world are the oppressed fighting for self-determination. Moreover, due to the shock of the September 11 attacks the public subsequently and unnecessarily abdicated so that, �big brother," the government could protect them from the �terrorist threat."

Thus, the typical terrorist is not the real threat to the world. The governments and institutions of the West, who engineer and commit international terrorism through their sponsorship of state terrorism, are the true threat to the world; since terrorism leads to the dismantling of democracy and the inevitable backlash of the oppressed.

Topics discussed and analyzed will be the use of terrorism by the West, the backlash of the oppressed, media disinformation, the dismantling of democracy, and the effects of �terrorism� on Canadian Law. The following issues analyzed and discussed shall be on current events in areas of the world that are normally ignored or trivialized by the mainstream media.

The concepts of real state and international terrorism are a very old phenomenon, both of which became more common through imperialism. Examples of state and international terrorism during overt Imperialism include: Columbus ordering the mutilation of Native slaves or the execution of their children if they did not bring him enough gold, and Winston Churchill silencing the Iraqi Insurgency of 1920 by ordering the British military to gas the Iraqi people into subjugation.

State terrorism occurs when a state administers terror to its own population. State terrorism ensures that all aspects of life are controlled, the population is marginalized, and that all forms of cultural and political expression that oppose the centralized power are overtly suppressed with threats and violence. In other words, state terrorism equates to pure totalitarianism. State terrorism is the most prodigious, potent, and terrifying form of terrorism humanly possible. The reason why it is so terrifying is because citizens of the state live in fear everyday knowing the military, para-militaries, police, and intelligence services will silence movements or people the government deems seditious. The terror is so potent and prodigious because command is centralized and well funded, by their supporters such as Western countries and multinational corporations [1].

A connection between the West and state terrorism is the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, which is run by the US. Many of South America�s soldiers, para-militaries, and juntas have been trained in Western military techniques at the WHINSEC [2]. It is conspicuously clear that the West trains the foreign militaries as Western puppets, to carry out the West�s will through proxy. The West does not teach the South American students at the WHINSEC how to spread democracy and freedom, since, according to the US Department of Defense, in instruction manuals given to students between 1982 and 1991, the WHINSEC taught it�s students to utilize �torture, blackmail, beatings and executions� [3]. The WHINSEC confirms that state terrorism is encouraged and perpetuated by the West. Graduates of the WHINSEC have gone on to rule totalitarian and former totalitarian states such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Haiti -- just to name a few [1].

Canada has also helped encourage and perpetuate state terrorism. For example, elite Canadian JTF-2 commandos trained the Haitian National Police in 1993 [4]. In 2004, between the months of September and December the HNP with the elite commando training they received from JTF-2, killed nearly 300 Haitians [5].

International terrorism is defined as �terrorism practiced in a foreign country by terrorists who are not native to that country� [6]. The UN operation in Haiti epitomizes this definition. In 2005, the San Francisco Labour Council, which was part of the US Labour and Human Rights Delegation to Haiti, published the �Report on UN Massacre." Cite Soleil, the neighbourhood that the �massacre� occurred in, is devoted to the ousted and democratically elected Aristide and Lavalas party, both removed by the West due to their refusal to submit to the West�s demands [7]. The report by the SFLC includes witness accounts of the mainly UN operation, such as this one:

Many were killed by headshots, such as 31-year-old Leonce Chery moments after a gunshot ripped off his jaw. Chery was clearly unarmed. There are audible machine gun blasts occurring in the background. The video footage also depicts the bodies of Sonia Romelus and her two young children, lying in blood on the floor of their home. Apparently, Sonia was killed by the same bullet that passed through the body of her one-year old infant son Nelson. She was reportedly holding him as the UN opened fire. Next to their two bodies is that of her four-year old son Stanley Romelus who was killed by a shot to the head. The video footage shows a weeping Fredi Romelus, recounting how UN troops lobbed a red smoke grenade into his house and then opened fire killing his wife and two children. "They surrounded our house this morning and I ran thinking my wife and the children were behind me. They couldn't get out and the [UN] fired into the house." The video also shows the grenade canister, apparently left in the house.

The eyewitness source claimed that the operation was primarily conducted by UN forces, with the Haitian National Police this time taking a back seat [8].

The operation conducted by the UN security forces is clearly terrorism, and is a paradigm of international terrorism. Terrorism is defined as �the systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal� [9]. By systematically terrorizing and killing unarmed individuals, women, and children based on the fact that they live in a predominately Lavalas Party constituency, the West has without a doubt committed terrorism. International terrorism was committed due to the fact that the UN operation was conducted by soldiers that are predominately non-Haitian, and made up of military and paramilitary personnel from Canada, France, Jordan, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States, and many more countries [10]. Furthermore, the West is culpable since it controls the UN Security Council (Britain, France and the US have veto power). Apropos of Western dominance of the SC, corollary, the SC condoned the removal of a democratically elected leader, and the violent occupation of Haiti. Moreover, the findings of the SFLC were ignored by the mainstream media and condoned by the governments of the West since the UN security forces� actions benefited the West�s cause of keeping Aristide�s supporters marginalized and terrified. Through the evidence provided, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the West is guilty of committing international terrorism.

Western intervention and operations in the developing world are carried out due to economic interests. The perfect term to epitomize the West�s intentions in the developing world is Neo-Colonialism. The terror states are simply mercantile economies that exist to benefit the West. The West interferes with third and second world countries to create nations where the elites� and upper-class�s votes and ideas are the only ones that count; and where the state will not interfere with the business community unless it is to help them, thus, giving them freedom. Every terror state supported by the West is dominated by multinational-corporations. Paradigm examples of this are United Fruit Corporation in Haiti, Shell in Nigeria, Bechtel in Bolivia, Coca-Cola in Colombia and Nike in Indonesia, just to name a few. Due to corporate dominance of the terror states� economies, corollary, terror states usually have astounding GNPs with an equally astounding amount of inequality in the country. For example, in Latin America between 1950 and 1975 there was a 400 percent increase in GNP, while the affluent top 10 percent of the population received 37.5 percent of the national income, and the poor, which make up 40 percent of Latin America, received 13.7 percent of the national income. To keep the population marginalized and quiescent, terror states dismantle social welfare organizations and suppress political parties and movements that represent the poor, which are usually the majority of the population [1].

The poor and the oppressed of the Developing World do not appreciate being subjugated and living in practical serfdom, such as the Zapistas of Mexico, an armed non-violent revolutionary group that wants to abolish inequality and opposes economic globalization. Due to violent repression of their ideas and social groups, they feel they must retaliate against those who have subjugated and marginalized them: Western institutions, and the oppressed�s own totalitarian puppet governments. The mainstream media consistently ignores these facts by hiding the terrorism perpetrated and supported by the West, spreading disinformation, and claiming miscreant terrorists want to attack the West, its institutions, and partners due to the supposed fact that the �terrorists� hate �freedom� and �democracy."

Malcolm X once said, �If you�re not careful the media will have you hating the people who are oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." The mainstream media have been successful thus far indoctrinating the population into believing that everything the West does abroad is for the greater good and security of the world. The Western media conspicuously hides information of Western connections to terrorist groups such Jemaah Islamiah.

On October 12, 2002, in Bali, Indonesia, a terrorist group called Jeemah Islamiah attacked a nightclub frequented by tourists. The attack caused the deaths of 202 people, the majority of them being Australian [11]. There were cries of indignation across the Western World, and the so-called masterminds of the attack were rounded up, and given censored trials, so that sensitive information could be hidden from the public.

The mainstream media covered the trial and aftermath of the attacks, yet disregarded the Western and Indonesian government involvement with the attacks. For example, Indonesia�s former president Abdhurrahman Wahid said, "The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces, not from the fundamentalist people." The Indonesian intelligence service BIN has been implicated in collusion with JI for the Bali bombings, and BIN also has strong connections to the CIA and the southeastern hegemon: Australia. Furthermore, President Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia said "[The US is] a superpower that forced the rest of the world to go along with it . . . We see how ambition to conquer other nations has led to a situation where there is no more peace unless the whole world is complying with the will of the one with the power and strength" [12].

All of this information was never reported in the mainstream media. The dubious reporting of mainstream media simply gave the public the �official� story approved by the governments of the West to conceal their duplicity, so they could perpetuate their �war on terror." The Australian government used the Bali bombings, with the help of the mainstream media to indoctrinate the Australian people into supporting and participating in the Invasion of Iraq -- how convenient.

Another example of media disinformation is the political discussion show, �Diplomatic Immunity." DI had a show in December 2005 on international terrorism and anti-terror laws, and the show was made up of panelists who are all pro-anti-terror legislation. One of the guests on the show was David Harris, a former chief of Strategic Planning at the CSIS. Harris was allowed to state unchallenged that the terrorists threatening the West are people with no sense of how the real world works and live in a fantasy land, out to hurt people for no reason except that they hate our way of life [13]. Now, this is coming from an individual who was once in charge of the security of our country, and all Mr. Harris did was simply repeat verbatim everything the mainstream media says about �terrorists." Mr. Harris did not enlighten the viewers on any of the West�s operations in perpetuating and promulgating terrorism such as in Haiti, and Indonesia. Mr. Harris also forgot to mention that the terrorists that hate the West are always the downtrodden and marginalized coming from countries that are extremely resource rich, yet the majority of the population lives in poverty. It is this kind of disinformation that indoctrinates the majority of the public into believing that they are in danger, and must perpetuate the war on terrorism.

After 9/11, the Canadian government passed the Anti-Terrorism Act, giving police and intelligence agencies new powers to preemptively arrest someone, without justification, and not allow the person in custody to appeal the arrest [14]. The Anti-Terrorism Act makes Canadian Legal Rights irrelevant. This is clearly totalitarianism, since in totalitarian states constitutional rights are irrelevant and the government is always unquestionably correct. It is abhorrent that in a supposed democratic state where the rule of law, and civil rights are supposed to be supreme, an individual can be arbitrarily held in custody without justification and be powerless to defend himself or herself from accusations.

Canadian legislators feel they have the right to disregard the concept of habeas corpus, which is meant to protect people from unlawful arrest or detention. The Anti-Terrorism Act sets Western civilization back to tyrannical despot rule, when the concepts of habeus corpus and civil liberties were absent. The Anti-Terrorism Act, which the public accepted as necessary to defend itself from the terrorist threat, creates an environment ripe for the next stage in the dismantling of democracy: the arbitrary invasion of privacy.

In November 2005 the federal government announced a �lawful access� bill which would make it easier for police and intelligence services to spy on Canadians by eavesdropping on their cell-phone calls and monitoring their Internet activities [15]. The government is acting like a totalitarian government again by habitually suppressing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If the government is able to monitor what people are saying, citizens will be afraid to exercise their fundamental freedoms such as �freedom of thought and expression,� because they may be arbitrarily detained under the Anti-Terrorism Act if they say something the government believes is subversive or seditious. This behaviour that the government is displaying by disregarding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is setting a precedent for future behaviour.

Canadian citizens may one day be living in a country where secret police burst into their home and take their family members or friends away just like in Nazi Germany. Some may find the possibility of a Canadian Police State preposterous, however, simply looking at the legislation the Canadian �democratic� government has passed and plans on passing will verify the evolution towards totalitarianism. The federal government acts as if it is an institution that the citizen must serve. This is typical behaviour of an extreme-statist, totalitarian regime. Government is supposed to be an institution created by citizens to serve citizens -- it was not created to marginalize citizens and destroy the civil rights their freedom-loving predecessors of Western society worked hard for. The suppression of the Fundamental Freedoms is indefensible.

A parallel of the suppression of civil rights is clearly present, between the puppet-states of the Third World and in the �democratic� countries of the Western World. In the developing world, democracy is suppressed through violence, while in the developed world, democracy is suppressed through indoctrination. Democracy and Civil Rights are being dismantled in both the Western and developing world, all in the name of commerce. This is done to keep the common individual out of the political and economic process so that governments and corporations have free reign to do as they wish. The conduct of the governments and institutions of the West is planting seeds of dissent throughout the world. Retribution is inevitable.


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