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Commentary Last Updated: Aug 25th, 2008 - 00:59:28

Humpty Hummel and the Hysterical Hyrax
By Jeff Zervas
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 25, 2008, 00:22

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Menippus: Well, you scum of your respective nations, let there be no misunderstanding; I�ll continue just the same. Wherever you are, there shall I be also; worrying, jeering, singing you down.

Croesus: Presumption!

Menippus: Not a bit of it. Yours was the presumption, when you expected men to fall down before you, when you trampled on men�s liberty, and forgot there was such a thing as death. Now comes the weeping and gnashing of teeth: for all is lost!

Lucian of Samosata, Dialogues of the Dead ii, c150 A. D.

The words �humiliation,� �humanitarian,� and �hypocrite� routinely appear in nearly every article about the recent Georgia-Russian skirmish and that should come as no surprise. All are consistently related in the ages old story of the quest for control and profit.

It appears that, for now, the West has been humiliated by the sound whipping suffered by Saakashvili, the Israeli-American puppet and Georgian president, in that order. Cowboy Bush, aka, �El Toro Terror,� was dehorned and reduced to bawling like a lost steer, sending humbug �humanitarian� aid in a New Orleans second, and playing Humpty to the hilt.

He was distracted, for the moment, from being the boss bull in the Caucasus shop, but nevertheless remained full of it. Without smirking he said, �bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century.� Wow. He sure gave them nasty ol� Russkies a piece of his mind, (which, of course. wasn�t much) and added, for good measure, that he wants his toys back too! Pardner, I tell ya, a dude like that is �all chaps and no saddle.�

Meanwhile, the histrionic hyrax, Cando Liza Rice, demanded; �Now ya�ll stop that, y�hear!� The shrew shrieked that Putin would suffer for crushing a bug. With shock and awe, his Mission Was Accomplished, nevertheless she notified him that �nations don�t attack nations in the 21st century.� At least they know what century they�re in but too bad they haven�t heard about Iraq or Afghanistan. Shrikes shaking their bloody fingers at Vlad the Impaler are pathetically hypocritical and their shtick smells of high grade humus.

Then, again, it is a new century. Stomping small countries and controlling large ones is reserved now for plutocrats and kleptocrats only. Turns out the new century is the same as the old century. Funny, that!

So why did the flea bite the bear? Only the flea knows for sure, but the question assumes Saakashvili would never betray his country for his bosses, and that�s a humdinger of a notion. There are several possibilities. Georgia was likely sacrificed in a test of the medved�s reaction to further provocation along with the missile placements in Russia�s backyard. Those, along with the impending conquest of Iran, are undoubtedly gambits in the encirclement of Russia for eventual control of its resources.

Another possibility is that Soros sought more profits in strife. It�s a new twist on an old story which goes basically like this: A while back, Soros the Shroff, king maker, nation builder, and supporter of Obama, McCain and Saakashvili, accumulated Halliburton stock on the cheap after his organization,, caused its price to drop through adverse publicity. The bad-mouthing ceased, the stock rose, and it was then sold for a tidy profit. The point, attributed to various Rothschilds, is that �The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.� And it may not hurt a profiteer to encourage a little bloodletting now and then, especially if it�s not his own. Is history repeating? Someone profited, or thought they could.

The situation also resembles FDR�s provocation of Germany and Japan, neither of which desired war with the U.S. Roosevelt was president during a time of great, intractable, and central bank engineered financial hardship. He undoubtedly saw war as a means to divert people�s attention from their plight and a chance to expand the empire under the pretext of patriotism. It�s conceivable that instigating a war with Russia would benefit the current ruling classes in similar ways.

Also, Russia, since booting the oligarchs, has been a target. The kleptocrats are doubtlessly determined to retake what they�ve lost, by hook, by crook, or both. McCain was unwittingly correct when he said, �We�re all Georgians now.� Both Georgia and the U.S. are obviously means to others� ends, and all pieces, including pawns and queens are expendable, along with their bought and paid for �leaders.� After all, it�s only a game, and one has to make moves eventually!

The scenario is straight out of Shakespeare�s The Tempest, and Connell�s The Most Dangerous Game. Both Prospero, and the Cossack General Zaroff, respectively, are powerful men, assisted by useful idiots, who instigate shipwrecks luring the gullible into their hands to manipulate them for their own purposes. It�s all fun and profits for those in power at the expense of dupes foolish enough to trust them. Most are unable to see through the illusion behind the storms, are clueless about what�s happening, and oftentimes don�t even want to know.

What it finally boils down to is that barbaric psychopaths, as usual, are running amok for reasons that most of us could never understand, and probably wouldn�t believe. Although the general pattern is an old one, we �little people� will probably never know the specific reasoning for the disaster. It should be obvious by now, however, that the eagle looks like a cuckoo, and should have never attacked the dove, proxy or no. Nevertheless, someone else profits and we get to pay for it while wondering what�s up.

The tragedies are that it�s all so bogus and so often repeated. Mennipus knew that 2,000 years ago.

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