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Commentary Last Updated: Aug 19th, 2008 - 01:23:41

Rwanda and the F***** word

By Thomas C. Mountain
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 19, 2008, 00:11

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In a report that the F***** media described as being produced by an �independent commission� based in Rwanda, some 30 high ranking F***** officials have been called to account for their role in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Included are the late F***** president, former F***** prime and foreign ministers, the present F***** prime minister and many F***** generals and high ranking Foreign Ministry officials.

What is well known to Rwandans seems to be a mystery to western journalists, that the F***** were key players in the Rwandan genocide. In 2004 a 10th Anniversary Peoples Tribunal held in F***** documented the F***** role in the genocide quite thoroughly.

Under the Constitution of F*****, a �democratic� country where half of the voters do not know who their local MP is, the president. through his foreign minister, has complete, unsupervised control of foreign policy. When it comes to Africa, there is little attempt to conceal their overt involvement in the ruling of their former colonies. In the case of Rwanda, their rivals, in this case the USA, were making a move towards replacing F***** hegemony in the region via the Ugandan based Tutsi movement lead by Paul Kagame.

To attempt to prevent this, the F***** unleashed their attack dogs, in this case, the Hutu based militias in Rwanda.

Our local television station here in East Africa has shown footage of F***** agents handing lists to the Hutu killers at the roadblocks during the Rwandan genocide. This fact seems to be quite unknown in the West.

Rule of thumb in matters African is look for a Western source for the latest disaster and you will start aimed in the right direction. In the case of Rwanda and the F***** word, expect another casual dismissal by the F***** of the latest hundreds of pages of independent documentation of their role in some of the worst bloodshed in memory, the Rwandan Genocide. Those of us living in Africa have come to expect the same from the rest in the West.

Thomas C. Mountain, the last white man living in Eritrea, was in a former life, educator, activist and alternative medicine practitioner in the USA. Email thomascmountain at

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