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News Media Last Updated: Apr 24th, 2008 - 00:47:29

The Tibet card
By Joseph M. Cachia
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Apr 24, 2008, 00:22

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�How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.� --Benjamin Disraeli

Please help me keep my sanity! As I watched the corporate media coverage of the protests and disruptions during the Olympic torch route, I became angrier than usual over the hypocrisy. Goodness knows how many antiwar protests over the last years have been downplayed and under-covered by the corporate media. Many crimes against humanity are rendered invisible to the public eye, while issues, like those of Sudan and Tibet are highlighted as the only objects of acceptable moral outrage and action.

TV screens and the press, in general, have given saturation coverage to the point of nauseating hypocrisy. It is very unfortunate to note that many of the comments in the media are negative towards China and few realize that these opinions are just repetitions of the disinformation gushed by the Western press.

Why didn�t anybody tell us of the thousands of Chinese people living in Europe staging mass rallies in Paris and London against media organizations that they see as blasting China over the alleged crackdown on Buddhists in Tibet? Could not the media have also told us that they were also protesting against the European states leaders who have decided or are considering abstaining from attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing? Why haven�t we seen any coverage of the students mass rally in London, during which slogans reading, �BBC is a liar,� were manifested in front of the Parliament Houses? Why?? Perhaps because these were peaceful demonstrations, totally unlike the violent protests committed and provoked by the Buddhist monks?

Amnesty International and the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) did not lack in documenting unnecessary and excessive use of force during arrests as well as ill treatment and detentions without showing any particular concern for the increasing evidence of degrading and violent behaviour of the rioters.

HRW ironically asked the U.S. to specifically indicate what steps it would be taking on the abuses taking place. Of course, they never meant such issues as Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, but of their pressure on China. They have called on governmental leaders to boycott the Olympics� opening and were brazen-faced enough to end their missive by intimating that: �To fail to act on this opportunity is to fail to advance key American interests in China.� For HRW the only maxim that applies is, �When we do it, it is okay, when they do it, it is not good.�

But what I do think is that the interests within the United States foreign policy establishment who advocate (and are implementing) a �containment/confrontation� policy towards China have effectively used the games, so far, to demonize China. The U.S. displays a stubborn anti-China sentiment and uneasiness about China�s peaceful rise and there is an increasing reason for the U.S, government to find ways to destabilize China.

Why is it that nobody is calling for a boycott or even questioning the morality of U.S. participation in the games faced with the genocide being carried out in Iraq and the atrocities of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, �the gulag of our times�?

Do the anti-Chinese groups or individuals, whether they advocate �Free Tibet,� �Free Burma� or �Save Darfur� have any understanding of the historical context of Chinese policy or the current geopolitical realities of these regions? The settlement of relations between China and Tibet is an internal affair of the People�s Republic of China and any attempt to politicize the Olympic Games should be condemned!

The local media did not fail to follow suit to the Western avid propaganda and we have been awarded with a couple of writings, glaringly one-sided and all half-truths, arrogantly condemning the Chinese government and urging heads of states to boycott the games. At the same time, it is very doubtful how deep was the knowledge and the research undertaken on this issue by the graffiti group prior to their decision for the protest before the Chinese embassy! It is truly alarming how vulnerable we have become to the constant bombardment by the media in the West and so quick to react by shooting from the hip.

Any media communicating news should be true and neutral. Can�t we have the Chinese police side of the story? It was reported that 13 innocent civilians were burned or stabbed to death. Could this have been the action of the Chinese or of the rioters? Are these demonstrations legally approved by the local police as required in any country in the world?

Have you bothered to read anything written by Chinese or Tibetans to see what �they� thought, before you started to write anything about them? Few are careful enough to do some homework before opening their mouths!

  • Why weren�t the Dalai Lama slaves freed until 1959?

  • Why was one of Hitler�s top Nazis part of the Dalai Lama�s inner circle?

  • Why did the CIA create a Tibetan contra force in the 1950s?

  • What are the Dalai Lama�s connections to the CIA?

  • How are the Tibetan poor affected by the Chinese Revolution?

  • What about the ruling Tibetan class who went abroad?

  • What part did the Dalai Lama play in the funding, organisation and overall control of this unrest?

    (Suggested reading for relevant answers: �Tibet and the CIA�s anti-China Crusade� or �CIA�s Secret War in Tibet.�)

If it results that the Dalai Lama is the mastermind of this riot, then he is nothing less than a terrorist and the Chinese government definitely should not negotiate with him.

Whatever is taking place in Tibet has long been in preparation. The whole event is nothing about �freedom� and �human rights,� as actually France, the U.S., Japan and so many others have serious human rights issues. The key issue is that this event was designed by the CIA with an objective of causing riots in China. How can one be so gullible as to believe the �human rights� fabrication?

So, if you ever thought that these people are pure of heart, think again!

�Never criticize a man until you�ve walked a mile in his moccasins.� --Native American Proverb

Joseph M. Cachia resides in Vittoriosa, Malta

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