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Announcements Last Updated: Nov 1st, 2006 - 01:43:12

Meria Heller Show Schedule

Nov 1, 2006, 00:20

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Nov. 1 Kenneth Helphand "Defiant Gardens"
Nov. 2 Sofia Shafquat "911 Mysteries"
Nov. 6Meria With the Weekend News
Nov. 7 Vicky Markham, Center for Environment and Population - US Population Growth
Nov. 8Deb Shapiro, "Your Body Speaks Your Mind"
Nov. 9Ronnie Cummins - Organic Consumers Associatio
Nov. 13Meria with The Weekend News
Nov. 14 Dr. Neal Barnard "Breaking the Food Seduction"
Nov. 15Michael Horn, "They Fly" (Billy Meier UFO contacts)
Nov. 16Bob Chapman - The International Forecaster
Nov. 20Meria With the Weekend News
Nov. 21Sharon Flue - Department of Homeland Decency
Nov. 22Alison Johnson, "Toxic Clouds of 911"
Nov. 23 Meria on Thanksgiving
Nov. 27Meria With the Weekend News
Nov. 28Barrie Zwicker, "Towers of Deception"
Nov. 29Ken Humphreys -
Nov. 30Jim Motavalli, E Magazine - Beauty of Dirt

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Meria Heller Show Schedule
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