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Commentary Last Updated: Jan 4th, 2007 - 01:08:31

Cannon fodder at Christmastime
By Gabriele Zamparini
Online Journal Guest Writer

Dec 22, 2006, 02:02

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Santa Claus Bush is preparing to deliver his special Christmas� gift: �We do need to increase our troops�

The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon unanimously disagreed but hey, do you want to question the Clown in Chief who hid into the Texas National Guard (and even there he was an AWOL) to avoid fighting in the Vietnam war? (That�s probably the only good thing this scam has done in all his life, at least he didn�t kill anybody, THEN!)

Even war criminal Powell -- the clown of the UN show just before the invasion -- �said the U.S. Army is �about broken� from the Iraq conflict and cast doubt on whether the military could or should boost the number of troops in the country. �There really are no additional troops'� to send, Powell said on CBS's �Face the Nation� program. �The current active Army is not large enough and the Marine Corps is not large enough for the kinds of missions they are being asked to perform.�"

But the propaganda machine is working full time.

On Thursday he [Defense Secretary Robert Gates] had breakfast with ordinary soldiers to sound out their views on troop levels, a timeline for training Iraqis, sectarian leanings in the Iraqi security forces and the "caliber and discipline" of Iraqi soldiers and their military leaders.

"Sir, I think we need to just keep doing what we're doing," Specialist Jason Glenn told Gates. "I really think we need more troops here. With more presence on the ground, more troops might hold them (the insurgents) off long enough to where we can get the Iraqi army trained up."

No soldier present said U.S. forces should be brought home, and none said current troop levels were adequate, as some commanders have argued.

A young US soldier�s mother recently wrote: �Two weeks ago he called by satellite phone, awakening Amy and me in the dead of the night. Machine gun fire was all around him, the sound of war filling our ears and hearts with grief and fear of loss. ( . . . ) He says that this war cannot be won! He has no faith in the politicians who sent him there.�

In Basra, the greatest liar since the times of Pinocchio met the young British troops he has sent to kill and torture people who had done nothing to them and their country. Once again the butcher of London brainwashed the youth �Our country and countries like it are having to rediscover what it means to fight for what we believe in. All over the world the same struggle is going on and if we don't stand up and fight for the people of tolerance and moderation who want to live together, whatever their fate, then the people of hatred and sectarianism will triumph."

We must take much more care of our youth and not allow this gang of pedophiles to abuse and send them to foreign countries as cannon fodder. Those who have their sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan should read A letter to an American G.I. written by an Iraqi woman. This letter would be the most important Christmas gift for your children. Send it to them!

Gabriele Zamparini is an independent filmmaker and freelance writer living in London. He's the producer and director of the documentaries "XXI CENTURY" and "The Peace!" DVD and author of "American Voices of Dissent" (Paradigm Publishers). He can be reached at More about him and his work on

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