Sly Stone Homeless in Los Angeles

Sep 26, 2011, 10:42 by R.E. Christian

Funk music icon Sly Stone says he is living out of a van in Los Angeles, broke after a former manager allegedly swindled him out of royalty payments.

Stone, 68, confirmed to the New York Post he has been living out of a van since 2009.

"I like my small camper. I just do not want to return to a fixed home ... I must keep moving," the musician said.

Stone, who has been arrested several times for drug-related crimes, has performed publicly only occasionally in recent years.

The Post said Stone filed a lawsuit last year against manager Jerry Goldstein, whom Stone insists stole royalty payments from him for decades.

Goldstein did not return calls seeking comment on Stone's allegations, the newspaper said.

Stone said he has recorded hundreds of new tracks in his van and is eager to get back to collaborating with other artists, but finds it difficult to find people he can trust to help him release the music.

"But, with new energy, it will feel good to step on stage," he told the Post. "I see all the guys playing those old songs. Let these guys know, like Lady Gaga, let me come in, just let me come in and pay me if you like it."

Source: UPI